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Zip Lock Plastic Bag Hose Travel Tip

Zip Lock Plastic Bag Hose Travel Tip
There are many reasons to carry one gallon Ziploc Plastic bags and the other day I discovered another reason. I was in the Farmers Lodge in Kilgoris, Kenya; somehow in a stroke of brilliance the Hotel management stopped using one tank located on the roof above my room and used the only a second lower tank. They would then bring water to the rooms in the morning for people to take dip baths. They kept telling me, the city does not pump water to the Hotel; however, they always had water in one-half the complex of building.

In countries with water problems, the management pumps water into tanks on top of their roofs that are used as a reservoir for times when the public water system is not working.

Kisumu, Kenya
East Africa
Sunday, April 19, 2009


This drawing explains, however, there are people capable of understanding and there are the others… hehehe Gravity, sometimes we really do need told that water flows downhill.

Because it was difficult to get the staff to bring me water on demand I would not have enough water to flush the toilet, taking a shower was priority number two.

During the day when the staff would remember to turn on the pump there would be water in the sink, I would then fill up my bucket and the other tubs I collected from the hotel.

My normal system for filling up my bucket is to place the bucket under the shower head, however since the shower did not work because the staff did not understand gravity, I need another system. Well, necessity is the mother of invention; therefore, I rigged up this plastic bag. I used some clothespins to wrap it around the faucet and created a hose.

There are numerous ways I can use this newly discovered system.

Toilets And Showers, - Water

Zip Lock Plastic Bag Hose Travel Tip