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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars Confuses Communication

2009-10-23 22:11:06 Confuses Communication
I person working for a television station in the Philippines contacted me by private message on

The problem is this, I do not check Personal Message on

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Friday, October 23, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at for more than I paid, sorry.


Well, that is not true, I may click on it sometimes, however truly try to avoid reading them. I also avoid and Twitter and a growing number of Social Networks I have joined.

I am proud to say, I have been using the same Yahoo Email now for about eight years. I have a file on my computer with all the emails I have received for about eight years.

Now, with the invention of Social Networks, I must check Facebook, Twitter, and a few more I am not going to tell you about.

I agree with the French guy I met in the Philippines who said,
“Communications is destroying communication.” Confuses Communication