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Yes Yes Yes Verizon Now Includes West Africa

I often use a Verizon Smartphone to publish my Blog in difficult countries like Haiti, or last year for five months in East Africa.

213 Countries
Woopee, Verizon has rolled out most of the countries in West Africa, this mean I can return to Togo, Ghana or Benin West Africa with seamless ease.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, June 19, 2010
By Andy Graham of


The world is getting smaller at an incredible rate, I estimate there are 252 countries on this small planet and Verizon is kicking at that number, what a great relief.

What this means to me, I can stay in contact by email almost always, anywhere there is a cell tower on this small planet. Generally, in the poorer countries they have more towers than the developed world. This means I can remain in business now in 213 countries: Simplified...

As best I can suss out, to utilize this service cost about 100 US Dollars per month, you can read more about it here:
Global Email by Verizon

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Yes Yes Yes Verizon Now Includes West Africa