Yahoo Mail Problem 2009

Yahoo Mail Problem 2009
I am loyal to Yahoo Mail; I have used their email system now for about 7-8 years, something like that.

I highly recommend a person use either Yahoo or Gmail, an email like, or AOL or your student email system is a recipe for disaster. (I have two designated servers, I am not a boy in this game.)

There is a problem with Yahoo Mail that is driving me crazy.

Bauang or San Fernando Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 14, 2009


I will write an email.
Click on send.

That loading jobby will come up and sit there saying it is loading, then after awhile it stops. The send button is inactive; I cannot click on it again. I cannot CTRL A the content to copy, I cannot do anything. It just sits and looks at me, I have to open a new window and start over. Some of the links are live on the page, but the action I wished to perform is crashed.

This may be a result of slow bandwidth or slow internet, but this is a fatal problem. I am thinking I may use my email client Foxmail to send and receive all emails to circumvent this problem. The problem is the SMTP is sometimes blocked in the worst of areas. I change internet access often, I cannot rely on any configurations to be stable.

My strategy is this,
I delete, reply and work online when possible.

I then download read emails to my Foxmail email client to keep an archive of old emails I can read offline. If want, I can download all of them and always work offline.

Yahoo Mail Problem 2009


I have the HP laptop with Vista, I think I am fully loaded, this is truly a problem.


I do not like Firefox, however do like Chrome. I just checked and Chrome has finally made autocomplete work in Yahoo mail. I have not made Chrome my default browser and see if it works.

I did learn this, if I closed Explorer, then reopened it stopped for awhile... maybe.


My tech say Ajax a type of code that is the same as So they in a way copied Gmail badly. I on the other hand do not not use gmail because it will not load in slow Internet countries.


Close all the windows and clean cache with disk cleanup.

This is not a solution, but it may allow you to send when the Internet in your home or Internet cafe is slow bandwidth.

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