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X-Rays of my Femur in Philippines

X-Rays of my Femur in Philippines
I broke my femur in 3-4 places according to how you count the pieces when I was 23 years old. I was hit by a car on Motorcycle, I then spent about 10 days in intensive care and seven weeks in traction, after that I then spent one year of my life wearing a caste and walking around on my armpits.

I wanted to explain the complete situation to the Philippines Doctors at both Lorma and Ilocos Regional Hospitals.

300 Pesos for the appointment with Doctor Chiu the Orthopedic Doctor to order the X-rays.

315 for the two actual X-rays and they sent to me by email and put on a DVD.

Total of 615 Pesos

$12.61US Dollars for a Doctors appointment and two x-rays, a nice feeling to pay this amount. This was done in the Lorma private Hospital, it may very well be cheaper in public ones.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 3, 2009
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Side view of my left femur.

If you looked at me from the front, this is looking down at my left Femur.

I feel and believe because the bones were not set properly, I have not used my left leg properly for 30 years, and subsequently body was not in structural balance. This has resulted in a causal chain of events leading to me now being in the Philippines trying to stop pain.

I have both Sciatica and a lump, nodule or cyst on my left hipbone.

Explanation of problems with my body, the reason I am here in the Philippines talking to Doctors.

This is one of the many cuts or views from the MRI done in the Lorma Hospital in San Fernando, La Union.

The MRI cost about 150 US Dollars, maybe a couple plane ticket worth of savings. I could send this to an American Doctor for evaluation.

We have yet to discover what the lump is on my back, it could be fat, nerve bundle, or a muscle bundle, and I suppose something else. There is an outside chance it is cancer, but normally cancer grows larger and I am told is a black mass or something. They cannot see the lump with the MRI, or at least Doctor Barnabe was not able to locate.

X-Rays of my Femur in Philippines


Hello Andy,

After reading the prices of your medical visits, the Philippines is looking good as a retirement home for my family. My wife is filiphino and wants me to build some apartments there for extra income. She is from Valenzuela.


I have dated a Thailand girl for five years, who has worked in two Thailand Hospital as a Pharmacist.

You need to think, Diagnose versus Cure, I need a diagnose, I am tempted to return to Thailand for the cure.

I do not see you capable of separating fact from opinion.... hehehe

By the way, I am not fat, I just make you read it that way to see if you can separate alluded comments from real facts. You are not good at critcal reasoning.

I feel fat at 10 pounds overweight, I am happy to know you truly are a Phlippines insider and know the stereotypes.