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Writing Journal from Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Writing Journal from Verizon BlackBerry Storm
Today is tuesday, the staff of the hotels hopes the city of Kabale, Uganda has electricity by thursday. My computer batteries are dead, however my 12 vollt solar pack should keep the BlackBerry Storm working indefinately.
Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Tuesday May 11, 2009


BllackBerry Storm touch sreen keyboard.

Normal BlackBerry with buttons.

I can type with all my fingers, it behooved me to use the computer to type post, then paste into the BlackBerry Storm. The Storm is less likely to be stolen as a traveler, because it looks like a normal phone..

If a person cannot type, they could maybe type as fast on the normal BlackBerry keyboard and would not need to carry a computer.

I have been adding hotels to with the Storm, I could trade submissions for a free room and save money.

This post was completely done using the Verizon BlackBerry Storm on the global unlimited data connection that cost 65-75 dollars per month.

I probably need my readiing glasses.

This is my solar charger in the window of Hotel here in Kabale, Uganda. I could write and report without ever needing electricity from the grid,. I am 100 percent off the grid.

Cell tower coverage has a footprint much better than the electrical grid footprint. Plus the towers have generator backup. The spread of cell towers far outreaches the spread of electrical lines. Cell service is private and support and service is better than government ran electrical grid..

Writing Journal from Verizon BlackBerry Storm


The BlackBerry Global Data service is excellent.

I do not expect readers to understand, they are not writing from Africa on a BlackBerry from bed.