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Writing a Book as a Gift

I know many readers want to learn how to make money to travel, they want to escape. I am trying to write a book, I am not motivated, I need a topic that I love, and wish to dwell on for about 225 pages, seems rather obsessive to me, but this is a book. I trudge, I muse, I dwell, I am obsessed, I am not a Knight in Shining Armor, but I would rather do the right thing, than the wrong thing. I mean, I think, and I would think you think, that most people feel writing a book is something to show the best we have in us, not to just make money.

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

Is a book a gift to mankind, or is it a way to make money? Contrary to any misguided observations, I do not believe people work for money, I do not write this Travel Journal for money, I enjoy doing it, the other sections of my Internet Site makes the money, and one day I will put together a better formula that gets 100’s of subscribers per day.
(I think the term "Travel Blog," is pointed at wrong audience, why do I have to write about Travel, I am living Travel, it is the same.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Foolish Reasons to Write

Good Reasons to Write Book
- A great reason to write
- I would write a book to help people.

Is a Book a Gift?
What is a great gift? I think my parents want to support the five children, the dozens of grandchildren, with great grandchildren to thrive. They know if the family members have good jobs, in the end, they have one of the essential ingredients of happiness. I do not think the job is money; it is a how we spend our eight ours of obligatory time per day.

Eight Hours of Enslavement
I know you believe your boss has enslaved you, truly you volunteer daily to be in the cage, you have gotten the deal you bargained for, either live with it, or make a plan. I think it is possible for me to write a book, call it a gift to a few people; the book would help people escape jobs.

99 percent of you want to stop working, 1 percent of you will work to escape

Give People a New Job Book
Maybe I could get myself motivated, if I thought of this as providing jobs for people. People get frustrated when I write about how to make money, but when I do not; I know I am off theme. Hoboes traveled from place to place looking for work, they were not bums or tramps, and they left home and took the cheapest form of transportation to look for work.

I am suppose to find work, now that I have found work, maybe I need to share it with the other Hoboes, I think it is the obligation of travelers to help other travelers it is my duty. I need to tell you to "go this way."

Keep these words connected, they are no longer three jobs, they have become one. This is job I perform; it is how I earn money. These three words are hooked at the hip, they are impossible to separate, if you want to make money the same ways as me, you need to learn all three words.

Please understand though, a good travel does not need to be these three words, in fact, the best travelers could care less about being any of these three words. Ergo, the reason travel writers suck, they are not good travelers; they aspire to be good writers, so they use travel as a subject and miss the whole point.

I guess, if I could write a book, and teach people how to make money; it would help them, and be a gift. I have been getting truly annoyed by the promoters who are saying, make money as a Travel Writers; this is a horrible way of making money. Writing by itself, without Webmaster Skills is going to land you in poverty, unless you get a job for the New York Times, then you are going to have trouble calling yourself a traveler.
To be a Traveler, and make money the same as me, you need to be a:

Writing is about confusing the audience until they can think clearly, if I do not give you twisted, ambiguous sentence, life would not be a challenge, and you would be bored.

Writing a Book as a Gift


Maybe you should do a PhD/ doctorate degree? I think you have the accrued knowledge to write a thesis in any of a number of fields, and for sure your observation skills.

Someone said to me once that you don't do a PhD to write a book, you do it to learn how to write a book. You could also probably find a lot of funding...