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Worried about Kenya and Uganda Water

Worried About Kenya and Uganda Water
I am worried about the public water supply companies in Kenya and Uganda, there seems to a serious problem. The first time I noticed this was in Nanyuki, Kenya I thought the Hotel was being clever and avoiding paying for city water by pumping water from the river. I now realize this is normal in Kenya and Uganda, not the abnormal.

Mbarara, Uganda
East Africa
Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is water drawn from the tap in the Park House Hotel in Ishaka, Uganda. I allowed it to settle for a three days and this is how it now looks.

This is the settled debris or pollutants, I am sorry, it just seems negligent when the clarity of the water can be great improved by allowing the water to sit for three days.

As best I can understand the locals walk down to this strange horizontal running well and collect containers of water, take back to their homes and boil.

Ishaka, Uganda is small, I would guess maybe 3000 people, and this is a view of the countryside around the village.

I may be missing something, however it appears to me the city official of Ishaka do nothing to help with water clarity. Many locals say the add chlorine, there just seems to be a major problem and easily fixed, I cannot detect or smell chlorine.

How would you like to pay for water and get this, maybe they are just happy to take a shower?

Kenya and Uganda are the only countries in the 83 countries that have this problem, I believe Ethiopia was fine.

Worried About Kenya and Uganda Water