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Working in Baguio Philippines on Internet

Working in Baguio Philippines on Internet
I want to work, I cannot say I need to work, my income is passive, however if I was able to have a 24 hours, seven day a week Internet connection in my room I would feel safer.

I am worried, I am both excited and panicky at the same time, and this graph of the last 30 days of traffic on has me nervous.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 3, 2009


The internet in the Hotel stopped working about three or four days ago, they say it will come on today, however
“Welcome to the Philippines.”

There is no reason to explain why the internet is on or off, or why, I just know I am nervous. I got myself upset yesterday, hollered at my Thai Girlfriend for truly no reason. I apologized and she starts talking about the internet. I minimized it, but maybe she knows me, I am happier when I have a connection. I can use my BlackBerry Storm from Verizon with a great data connection to write this Travel Journal, I can do mild surfing, however to control keep my finger on the pulse of this 13 million page website I would feel safer with an internet connection in my room.

I have a page called Mobile Office where I try to explain how to work on the internet and travel.

I am going to update the Mobile Office page and explain, if we want to travel and work in Hotels, we need to have two Hotels, when things get stupid in one Hotel, we can switch. I cannot find Hotel number two here in Baguio. I have yet to find a second or alternative Hotel with unlimited, 24/7 Free internet connection that works inside my Hotel room. I cannot just walk down the street to an internet café, there is no internet café close.

What is needed to work on the internet overseas?

1. Two Hotels with 24/7 internet free in the room and in the same city that rent room for less than 1000 dollars per month. Can you believe it, I sometimes pay up to 1000 dollar per month. This is how much it cost for me to not sign a lease on an apartment and to have freedom to travel anywhere. (I do not pay by the month, what do I do if the connection breaks, I need the freedom to change hotels.)

2. One or two Internet cafes within 200 yards or meters of the each of the Hotel that stays open 24 hours.

3. Verizon Data Connection so I can reply to emails and deal with normal business correspondence on the BlackBerry.

Most executives stay in the Hilton, Marriot and pay about 3000-4000 dollars per month to stay in Business.

I truly wish Hotels cared about their Internet connection.

I could upgrade the budget to 2000 US Dollars per month Hotel room cost here and keep a Mobile office running easy enough; however, at 1000 it is difficult. Employees enjoy when things break, this means they do not have to work… The Duck Inn in the Manila in the Malate - Ermita area is the closest to ideal I have found in this country.

I do not think a person can travel from place to place and keep a 24/7 hour connection in their room for less than 3000 dollar per month Hotel bill. There is a reason business people stay in Hiltons, Marriott and Sheraton Hotels. (The boss is paying)

If you do not move, rent an apartment you can minimize the problems, but you better not call yourself a traveler.

I wrote this post on my computer, loaded it on my BlackBerry Storm and sent with a Verizon Global Data Connection, including the graphic.

Working in Baguio Philippines on Internet


Steal Internet, I do not naturally think of ways to break rules or steal.

I will fake a airplane ticket because the system for Visa is corrupt and incredibly stupid.

Are the Philipines Hotel and owners corrupt and incredibly stupid?


I do naturally track down evil people.


Tell me the price of a cheap Hotel here, I want a number, I do not want to read about another deserted beach in the Philippines. I need price.

All the incredibly stupid Americans will be dead in the next 10 years, in the Philippines they are being replaced by Cyber S...ex, this will be your next wave of American clients. There are 100s of dating sites for the Philippines, these men need to find their women.

The Philippines is not the only country on the planet, I believe tourism will decrease in the Philippines because the country does not compete globally.

The Philippines is a rather crazy place to come for a one-destination trip, if the tourism department had a clue, they would know this. If not for WW II and the Vietnam War this place would be vacant of Americans, Australians and Europeans.

I would learn Korean, Chinese and Japanese, this is the present future.