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Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads

There is an advertisement that is a scam in my opinion; it preys on naïve mothers sitting at home, another get rich scheme.

A reader by the name of Ed sent me an e-mail asking,
"Is this real?"

This is a conspiracy to take advantage of naïve readers, and because she is buying a lot of advertisement from these large sites, they agree to write about her.

As an expert on the Internet, I know that of the people who actually start web sites, only about 1 in 50,000 actually makes more than 100 per day. I have made over 200 dollars per day on the Internet, and it is becoming increasing difficult to make money honestly. I started 11 years ago, and would not recommend this business to average people. (MOM)

Yes, this is possible, but this person is willing to make outlandish promises, and sell a product whereby incredibly small portions of people are happy and satisfied. If only one in 50,000 succeeds, he or she may not technically be a liar, but to me it is swindle.

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There is a forum on the Internet called "Webmaster World," it is full of people trying to make money using the Internet. This is a better place to start your research if you think you are the 1 in 50,000 who has the ability to earn money in this business.

I challenge you to find one person who is making 5000 dollars per month on the Internet, and make friends with them. Are you friends with a person who is making money with just a web site, there are 1000 making web sites, but do you know anybody earning money with advertisers?

I know about 10 people making in excess of 4000 USD per month, and they are not going to sit around talking to foolish people with a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.

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Work at Home Mothers Scammed by Ads


Ed sent this link, more or less confirming this type of ad is a scam.


G had this one culled today, and I read it too. So it must have been read by millions of people under G news. And no info that directly pointed to it being an advert. The line between ad and article is a hazy one, unlike perhaps Newsweek, Forbes Magazine, and many others. It sounded like a pyramid scheme to sell to friends, and I quickly clicked away.


Good move with the site redesign. It is a joke to try to make money through a website via advertising. Many (most) of the people who claim to be making a killing from their websites are actually making money through selling something -- an ebook, a product -- and not from the site's pages themselves. But I must admit that I am happy that this "make money with your travel blog" bubble has finally burst. It was a scam to start with, and now it is even more difficult. I am doing OK -- better than 99 I would say -- but it is still a constant day to day struggle. Found that I need to branch out into other forms of publishing to compliment the website, the terms of engagement have changed, and it is even more difficult for an independent webmaster to compete with the big guys. They way of the world, but we are still swinging.