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Withdrawal from my Beautiful Ivory Coast

My life was enjoyable in Ivory Coast, Togo, and Ghana, it is going be difficult for me here in Senegal. I have grown to like the small children laughing and screaming "White Man" in their local language in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Togo. This has all stopped in Senegal, I am now ignored, as is the nature of some countries.

My quality of life has tumbled drastically, I am paying three times more and have a cold shower, which is not good because it is colder here. I am not quite sure why, but I believe there must be a cold breeze coming off the ocean. The room is infested with mosquitoes, even though the hotel has screens on the windows, it appears the management never fumigates the rooms. I absolutely must douse this room tomorrow with insecticide. I am awake at 3:45 because I was being eaten by mosquitoes, plus the noise of the drunks returning home.

Please note, I have not taken a cold shower in years because of my specialized travel gear I carry.

This is my Smiley Faces Map, each marks a location in Africa where I have lived from 5-10 days.

I have "Microsoft Encyclopedia Encarta," on my computer, I use the maps, dictionary and simple definitions continuously, I would not leave home without it. The map has one indispensable feature, I can get approximate mileage fast, this enables me to plan trips, and guess approximate values of Airline tickets, time of travel, etc. I paid $375 to fly about 1300 miles, what do you think, was that a good or bad deal for airfare? (Africa is expensive -- compare?)

Cooler in Senegal than Ivory Coast
I think maybe, it is one degree fahrenheit cooler for every one hundred miles north. It is about ½ degree Farengheit for each degree above latitude.

You can buy Encarta easily in the Best Buys store, this link will allow you to buy online. I have this Amazon link for convenience of buying, a person would go broke with Amazon links, they cost me money to have on the site, the do not make money.
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Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ignore 95 Percent of my Negative Comments
If you have kept a journal or diary for years, you may come to realize, it is easy to write about the negative things that happened yesterday. By writing about the negative things in life, I am able to solve problems, by writing about the positive things, I think I could be bragging and not journalizing.

Hmm, what was truly good yesterday in Dakar, Senegal? I ate an exceptionally good plate of French Fries with mayonnaise for 750 CFA. My list of positives about Ivory Coast would always sum up greater than Senegal, and I know that after only a couple of days here. Just the aggressive local dread heads bugging me on the beach makes it unacceptable for beach life here. Yes, there is a war in Ivory Coast, a temporary problem, like a hurricane, it will pass.

Pay attention to clichés and wows in writing, they are nice, but normally are a sale pitch in disguise or bragging, romanticizing a persons trip.

Travel Writing needs to Compare to give Value
The value of travel writing comes by his or her ability to compare two similar travel destinations, not by me writing about one country. If you are an extremely experienced traveler what I write is more helpful, you can understand the implications. I focus on abnormal problems, hoping readers are can figure out if they like a place on your own. The there is astounding number of cliché Internet travel pages on any country.

Example of a page that compares Thailand to the Philippines, there are many comments and a great way to get hate mail. Thailand vs. Philippines

If you truly want to help people to choose where to spend wads of money… then please write articles for this page on Comparing Countries

Video Via Via Auberge in Dakar / Yoff Senegal (Hotel)

Withdrawal from my Beautiful Ivory Coast


I am posturing for Visas, the city of Yoff appears to be 2000 CFA ,four dollars Taxi ride from the Embassies. Again, I will say, ignore 95 percent of the negatives, my days are always good, I am having a kick watching the tour groups. White people have huge noses and are not as beautiful naturally as blacks.

I will leave Senegal, go to Gambia, then book on over to all the more wonderful countries after that. I am thinking about Liberia, but i hear it full of NGO's.

The Gambia will be a new thing for me, it will be fun to see the European women who come for boom boom. This is one of the few places on the planet where women come for boom boom on charter planes.

All countries kill each other if you are there at the wrong time.


"I paid $375 to fly about 1300 miles"

Of course, you paid to much per mile, Andy, by your own standards, not just mine.

I have flown Jeddah-Colombo four times in the last two years (about a six hour flight direct) for 1001 SARs return. That's just under 270 US dollars! Saudi Airlines are not a fun airline, but if you book wisely, it's sometimes cheap.

1,001.00 SAR = 266.898 USD
Saudi Arabia Riyals United States Dollars
1 SAR = 0.266631 USD 1 USD = 3.75050 SAR

However, the price you paid to get out of a "hot zone" alive and uninjured, was certainly reasonable and definitely the wise move.

BTW: You should add Colombo to your list of places "air miles" from your current location.

Cheers, Tim



What does this next comment mean?

"Please note, I have not taken a cold shower in years because of my specialized travel gear I carry."

Do you carry your own solar powered water heater, like some campers do, or what?



I never take a cold shower unless I want too, I have been heating water in my room for maybe eight years, Note: Solar does not work, not feasible for a traveler that moves continuously

I take an electric one cup coffer cooker and place in my bucket I always have in my bag and heat water. I write about this often.

To find many photos and explanations, paste this in google and search



An early model of my bucket, the one I have presently is much better.

NOTE: Please do not paste whole article. There is a copyright problem if you paste a complete article, so disliked.