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Wide White Women Wanted in Africa

There truly is a man for every woman, and a woman for every man.

Is your sister or friend not competing well in the USA?

Send her to Africa, where she is wanted.

Cinkasse, Togo West Africa --- Saturday, November 20, 2010
Border of Burkina Faso and Ghana


Send her to Africa

1. Africa considers fat as a sign of being rich.
2. African girls are already chubby; it is the choice of girls wanted.
3. White girls means "Passport," they can optimize their chances.
4. White girl means "Money," if she is willing to pay for the date, she has it.
5. They will marry her before they ever realize they got the ugly duckling.

I wish I was joking, but when I look around in Africa, it is obvious that many wide white women are enjoying Africa. This is truly heaven for a certain type of women.

Wide White Women Wanted in Africa


This is truly hilarious. Hilarious and true. Same thing in Latin America, though the chubby part is not as highly sought after.

But this is also true for Western guys in East Asia. The girls there don't seem to even know that they are with a pencil neck geek.


While traveling, if you are lucky enough to find your soul mate more power to you! I live in Latin America, I am getting on in years and still of course enjoy the girl watching, this society is basically not puritanical as the US, English speaking Canada, UK, etc.
Sometimes here in Latin America, females far younger than I still think I can wave a magic wand, "teach" them English and help them obtain a US Visa. So wrong. I married once in Eastern Europe, my ex wife had won beauty contests, 6 months later her Green Card for the US Residency arrived, a few months later she was long gone.
My soul mate or whatever may still be out there, over 35 with grown children please!!!!
I have lived in Central America and Mexico about 24 years, I have seen very few US female..Latino male cross cultural relationships suceed, at all economic levels, after tthe first child is born, males here tend to get bored and wander. Not all, but many, I am an an Ex Pat and not a traveler and I over 60 am starting to judge females for brains and personality and character rather than looks.
Anyway, male or female, young, travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America and see for yourself, just do not be a bleeding heart because many will take advantage of you, back in 1990 I trusted one nice looking young lady in Guatemala, she tried to steal my car, but could not drive, however she got ahold of one my checks and got the equivilant of $175 out of my bank account, I did get the money back since the signature was so bad, learned a good lesson, think with my head, not my groin.

I am writing a short and funny book and hope someday to produce the first 'Ex Pat and long term Traveler musical' Politically incorrect, gotta be.

In my travels have met prostiutes with hearts of gold and lawyers and politicians not worth a short spit, mad missionaries (all from States or English Canada) who told me I would be damned if I did not accept their belief system and supposed guerillas/criminals who saved my life.