Why the USA Sanctions Cuba

2009-12-16 05:46:17

Here are a few explanations I have heard, and of course, comments are needed.

Havana Habana Cuba Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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By JR Garcia:

Mind you, I am Mex. and not anti-Cuba, but might the isolation places on Cuba by the USA have something to do with JFKs death. If some super secret document, etc. points to the fact that Castro Regime had something to do with or assisted in Assassination, then this would explain such an attitude towards Cuba. Remember that JFK and others, have tried (US ALONE) over 11 times to kill Castro. (CIA) What do people think about this? To me this is only plausible reason for such prolonged isolation.

William Professor from USA:

The Mafia owned all the property that was nationalize, it would be difficult to make restitution to the Mafia.

Dade County Florida:

American illegally here in Cuba says, there is a block of a half million ex-Cubans in Dade Country Florida who do not want the sanctions lifted. These were the rich people that had their property nationalized by Castro, they are angry, they want revenge. This group votes as a block, and demands as a block the sanctions should remain. He went onto explain, this is the only group with money that cares, therefore the sanctions remain.

I personally believe Fidel Castro and Cuba needs the Sanctions, he controls the hearts and minds of Cubans by having a common enemy, the big guy, called the USA. He endears the rest of the world by standing up to the USA. He plays and excellent game of politics, and the people and the politicians in the USA truly have no stake in Cuba. The rich people who were forced to leave Cuba, ran to the USA are the only people who care about Cuba. I personally feel this group is entitled to what they desire, they are Cubans, and the average American does not have any reason to be involved in this situation. The sanctions are not causing true problems for Cubans, the problems for Cuban is 100 percent caused by Castro. He makes imports and exports a problem with his two forms of money, one for the poor, one for the rich, and guaranteed taxes on every move you make. The taxes are used to fund his dreams, not the dreams of the Cuban people.

This regime has for 50 years maintained a revolution, Castro is the revolution, he is Cuba, and the Sanctions how he maintains power in Cuba. This is not a Communist country, it is not a socialist country, it a country called Fidel Castro, to him, by him, and for him. 10 USA Presidents have come and gone while Castro has lead this country, whenever there are dissention, when the mob disagrees, he puts them on a boats, sends to them to the USA and keeps the his person revolution alive.

They could and would be lifted instantly, if Castro decided to be a friend, and not an enemy to the USA. It is always hard to forgive, forget, and work with a person who says he is your enemy. Keep your eye on the ball, he was pointing nuclear bombs at the USA, and he is fanatical in this obsession to remain an enemy.

I am not in Cuba, I am the country called Fidel Castro. There is a little boy playing baseball in the streets of Havana today, this dream will die in Cuba.

I would like to see the sanctions removed while Castro is still alive, it would be great to allow him to see his country destroyed by tourism, put the stake of capitalism right through his selfish little heart. This country if full of tourist, may as well triple that number.

This argument is between the Cubans in the USA and Castro, it seems wise to stay out of the argument, there is no humanitarian reason to get involved.

Andres Hidalgo, December 2009

Why the USA Sanctions Cuba

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