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Why do Travelers Travel-cide, or Destroy their Travels

There are travelers who self-destruct their trips, they do not killed themselves, they kill the joy of travel. Traveling between destinations is the horror of travel, arriving at the the destination is the endorphin rush, the additive process in action. To leave too quickly, to live by a rigid plan is Travelocide, it is to destroy the fun of travel, to make travel work.

Travel is not the romantic part of travel, to go from point A to point B is not the fun, to live at point B, C, D, E, and so on, and so forth is the romance. To collect too many points, too many destinations, in too short of time is Travel-cide. I have traveled or moved locations for 13 years, while many people have more than my 90 countries in less than three, they are collectors of destinations, not of friends.

The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, therefore if something, someplace, someone is enjoyable, you elongate the time, on the other hand if not enjoyable you trip on out of the situation, you travel, you trip out.

I am tripping out of Sosua, before I Sosua-cide here.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community of Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Lost the Plot or They have No Filters
I have written about this many time, but again, there are an extreme amounts of travelers, who travel solo, or isolate, or spend all their time being a tourist with an itinerary until they lose the plot. They do not have friends, there is no filter on their brains.

They do not have friend say
"Andy, you are angry."
"Andy, you are crazy."
"Andy, you are an idiot."

Generally the true idiots demand that another person agree, or disagree like a two year old, or constantly repeat the same mantras. (The gudebook, the PC, the romantic cliches)

There are many addictions to work on when we travel or live overseas.
I think the desire to be a big fish in a small pond is the worst, there are people with not filters on their brains that do not realize. Nobody is around to let them know, they are a loser in a small pond.
"They are telling me something very mundane."
"You are boring."

The need a bigger shark to shut them up, but the live and let live thing is too easy to do in a place full of transients, or mobile householders, we have no commitment. I have a commitment to truth, honesty and bring authentica reality into the light, at least my view of this truth, as I feel and see my world.

I removed the Blog comments again.
Then again, to disagree can be a little too provocative, I do not enjoy the comments anymore on the Blog, not sure if I will every put them up again. However, I still get my insights, many readers who subscribe by e-mail, reply back to me often, they just do not care to comment and be scrutinized.

There is a balancing act, I have no desire to entertain you, I am just writing a story to myself, I am journalizing in a way and you are looking over my shoulder. And like an good alpha male, I want to smack a few of you to shut you up, just have not figure out the way to put the killer blow on on some of your naïve and insanely Americanized comments.

Americans by nature live a soft life, they are lucky, but they have not needed to strive for the last generation, and this has caused their brains to melt down, they have no great filters, the PC police have destroy the filters, and many Americans have totally lost the plot.

PC is politically correct, more or less when men are wimps, and women whinge when I stare at pretty womans legs, the wimp agree with the girl, and I try to dump the both of them. It is natural for a man to look at pretty girls. PC, does not allow a person to be authentic, they want people to hide real thoughts, judgements, or opinion from the light.

Losing the plot happens when there is nobody around to tells a person to shut up, and get a life, be a man, or you are acting crazy.

Travelcide or Travel-cide happens when you travel only for the destination, and not the people, when you tell me all the places you seen, and not the people you met. Travel has to be about people in the long run, or you are just a hermit, who hates people, and you have no friends. You traveled to collect a lists of things to brag about, but you no friend to brag too.

I know many people who traveled for over three years, who never once stay in a location longer than five day, that is travel-cide.

I fly to Guatemala today, thank God, I know how to change travel channels.

There are people who always travel with girlfriend of boyfriend, they are not capable of finding or making friends. Can you make friends easy, do you smile quick?

Why do Travelers Travel-cide, or Destroy their Travels

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