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Who Owns These Philippines Homes

Who Owns These Philippines Homes
What is the stereotypical people from the Philippines who own these homes?

There are two homes perched on the side of an oblique hill, about 400 meters from the ocean. These homes are about 3 kilometers from Bauang and 7 kilometers from San Fernando, Philippines in the province of La Union.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 11, 2009
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There is mysterious money in the Philippines, I have never met a person who was rich here and many Expats say things to me,
“This girl in the restaurant earns 200 peso per day.”
- Four Dollars U.S.

I was told the other day,
“How much do you think the Doctors make per day in Lorma?”
I said,
“My guess is about 1500-2500 Pesos.”
- 30-50 Dollars U.S.
The man said,
- 10 Dollars U.S.

Who knows what is correct, but somebody has the money to build these types of homes here in the Philippines and I do not think it is the Expats. Generally, the Expats here are not at the top of the food chain.

This is both and excellent and a crazy place to build a home. It is excellent because incredibly difficult to reach by a trike, jeepney or a person who wants to build a squatters house. To have a private home, separated from the many ugly homes, a person has to choose a location that is geographically remote.

The problem then comes along, a person is indeed remote and a hermit, no neighbors, and an easy victim for gang robbery.

This is what was immediately in front of me when I took the above two photos. This rice is beautiful and covers most of the open terrain in the Philippines. I used my Canon 20 X Zoom Camera to take these photos.

Who owns these homes, in my experience, the normal way of becoming wealthy in impoverished and corrupt countries is to be connected with the government. Then when you are connected, you can control business, employment, taxes and wangle you way to money.

I often think the small homes that are extremely nice came from money sent by Western Union to the family. There for sure are many Seamen and labor workers in Dubai, etc.

The Philippines in my opinion fails to use the cheap hands of their people for mass production of products to be sold to the world. I think they do mass-produce many products for domestic use, but these products probably are too expensive for shipping out of the country.

Normally, mass wealth in poor countries comes when a person controls the import or export lane. If they can get money every time something enter or leaves, they make money.

This is the Robin Hood and the toll bridge story…

The President or Dictator in Lome, Togo, West Africa gets about 50 US Dollar per car that enters the port. The cars come in for Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger and maybe Mali at this port.

I am dwelling on an issue Hoz brought up,
“how to meet nice people?”

I am thinking how to I meet Filipino people closer to my educational level; I think they all move to Manila, one of the worst places to live on the planet…. Oops. Migration to the cities is rampant, I will sure be glad when the tides of people change directions.

Nice people?
Coffee Shop, the yuppie types
Canteens close to schools.
(Truly the best of the best never interface my world, and I walk around constantly, not sure where they hang out, I think they hide.)

Rich People?
- Stop a SUV car and tell them to get out.
- Expensive restaurants
- Expensive Hotels

I find the rich people or Expats do not normally get near a Jeepney, and I truly love the Jeepneys here in Bauang. What a cultural education to travel between the cities of Bauang and San Fernando. The Jeepneys in La Union are truly the highest and best form or transportation here, not made for fat American though, the step up is a killer.

The keep-up-with-the-Jones problem extreme here the Philippines, if a person has money, they want status, and they have the desire to not associate with any poor people. To be seen together is out of the question. I know me, I want to meet all social levels, I want to meet the country, not the best piece of the pie off the top. I truly have not need for social status, and this just seems to me to be a sign of low self-esteem or status bigotry.

On the other hand, I came this time to avoid all the crap, but when I leave my great hotel, I am in the Philippines, when I return home… I am in Australia, the owner is Australian.

Who Owns These Philippines Homes


Great job of connecting the dots Chuck, I read an article about the 100 journalist being killed during what's-her-name administration. As I believe you know, I am not excited about the idea of putting my photo on this journal. I am torn between the desire to make money, the desire for readers to feel this is more credible and the danger. I am constantly taking calculated risk, minimizing the chance of problem, however allowing readers some safe feelings.

Bottom line, readers feel a photo next to an article makes something more credible.

I said feeling, nothing to do with reality. I say I am not a journalist, that does not mean I cannot do the same story as journalist, just a lot of word game.

You Photo with me on the National Geographic was more in synch with my motivations, dreams, or goals... hehehe