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Who are these People Sharing my Secret Lifestyle

2011-07-03 07:24:09

Obviously, saying the word "Secret" is sort of crap on a cracker, the question is how we pretend to feed it to people, how do we serve up the secret? I am rather sure the reason why I am calling it a secret, is because I suspect I could explain it to many people and maybe only the odd 1 in 5000 would be on the same page after I was finished with the story.

Nonetheless, I am collecting a group of peoples names together on one page, and hopefully I can group them together without making enemies. Whatever? However, the bottom line, is I feel, sense and believe this is a group of people who share the same secret lifestyle.

Do I believe we can explain this secret to the general public, not really? It is one of them paradigm shift thingies, one of them white lights, an epiphany, not explainable, best done with a 2 x 4 side the head in the dark, without any warning.

List of people who share a secret lifestyle

Do you know the names of people who share the same secret lifestyle, click on contact and tell me the name, e-mail, contact etc... PLEASE?

I would add Tin Tin, but he is just an imaginary person.

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Who are these People Sharing my Secret Lifestyle