Which country do you want me to visit

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Which country do you want me to visit?
Readers of this Travel Journal can now vote for where they want me to go. I have visited 85 countries, traveled for 11-12 years; it is now your turn to decide.

Which country do you want me to visit?
Which countries have I already visited?

Vote today and send me somewhere… your chance to tell me where to go. This is real, this is not a joke, and I can go anywhere and do anything, you choose the country.

Relax about this new page, this is a work in progress, designed by Boy Genius in India, and it will evolve. I find making new Internet pages fun, I am putting this up today because I know how this works. Techies for some reason make things work better after they go live, so today it goes live. Hehehe (Techies or coders are an enigma.)

We can add features you request, so ideas are wanted.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 25, 2009

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This is fun, and is meant to be fun; I am willing to allow readers to decide my fate. I love to travel, choosing countries has become increasing complicated for me, although I care a little, I do not care a lot. I do not have big dreams anymore, I have already went to my dream countries. However, I know many of my readers do have dreams, therefore from now on will allow readers to send me to their dream countries?

Problems to Solve
Money is the big problem, I think I earn enough.
Visas can be almost a stopper, but as best I know, there are ways.
Danger is fun and manageable; there is no country that is out of bounds.

I have been to Iraq, so you know I am up for this game.

Have fun with this and explain your vote with comments. This is going to work is something like this, when the correct number of votes have been made, we will choose the top 10 countries. Readers will then vote again, and then we will close votes after a reasonable time and number of votes.

We never know how these projects will fly, however I am 100 percent committed to this idea. I can continue to travel, continue a path and when the readers complete the vote, I go.

Too much fun, and a great adventure, we can share this adventure.

Which country do you want me to visit?


Why go anywhere if you've you've run out of motivation? Why grow old alone? In a very short period of time your savings will allow you MANY other choices than the empty drifting if not already. Settle into a homebase in one of your favorite places on earth with a loving companion for awhile at least until you heal that strained muscle. Meditate on other possible "missions" and "dreams" you may have had in some long almost forgotten period of your life. OR if increasing the numbers of countries you've been to really does matter to you then why not make a goal of breaking the 100 country mark since you have only 15 more to go?

Motorcycle Bob

So, Mira, write about this already. 8^)

You don't write much lately, but a few of your older readers miss your viewpoint on the world.


AsiaBil, you said,
"Why go anywhere if you've you've run out of motivation? Why grow old alone?"

It is difficult for me to make a choice between Denmark and Sweden, but for readers they may have a priority, so this is my gift to someone. I can allow them to see, read, and experience a country they will never be able to visit.

Bill, travel is an addiction, moving is the addiction, to consider stopping is outside my realm of thinking and you speak as a tourist, not a traveler. I cannot expect a person who is not addicted to understand.

I have about 150 plus more countries to choose from, I am willing to allow readers to make the first true Nomad that goes from country to country.

I am not alone, I am with my friends, I talk daily over skype.com with my friends. I am not married, even if I returned to Indiana, I would not see my friends, they are all married and have no time. I was more lonely at home than away from home.

I will get married when I find the right person to marry,
Why do I need to say that comment?

I would hope somewhere over the rainbow, a class of students is reading this, the teacher says, this is a real opportunity for us. We can start voting and we can send him to the country we choose, and they all go vote and rig this in their favor.

My Mother once told me
"France is my dream country?"

My mother never went to France, but I know she traveled vicariously with me, this is the offer I make.


Mira, I do not care if you travel, I want to read about what you care about, you are a very good writer, I can feel the rumblings in your head, spit it out. Stop letting humility get in the way of a good story, spit it out.

Is Pitcairn Island on your list ? That would probable blow the budget,but they do have a new jail that is empty. I am sure you could get a room cheap sort of like Otis on the old Andy Griffith show. Just lock up when you leave.

Can you believe the UK and New Zealand spent a million to build/ship a prison that the prisons BUILT !


and more millions of dollars to watch them all on a Island of 50 odd people.

where would they go if they did escape ?

Fletcher Wow Jr


As best I can tell, Papua New Guinea is covered by the Verizon Data Plan for my BlackBerry.

I tried one time to purchase a Satellite Connection, and do know how to rent one, this game becomes very expensive. I think I can go off the electrical grid, but to truly leave the West behind as the Beatles said, I need Satellite Access.

All is possible, just money.

Uhh..yeah..getting married is possibly the worst thing Andy could do, just to do something different.

Man, I just cant see an upside to it unless one is deeply, deeply in love. It can be more like a prison than a relationship if not. And if a man realizes this, than his freedom is the most precious possession in the world.

Additionally, what good are all the trappings of static life in society if you aren't going to have a wife and raise kids? That would be boring and miserable for most, and it is for many, especially once past your twenties. Go to work, come home, pay bills, buy things, eat, shit, sleep, see your friends when they aren't busy with family, and repeat. The only true advantage is seeing your parents and siblings. But they generally wouldn't want you to mold your life around them. So, as long as Andy is happy and appreciative of his situation, which it sounds like he is, than it would be foolish to change it.

Most people justify the steady job for the pension that will provide an income in the very old last 10-20 retirement years of life. However, those pensions largely dont exist anymore. And if you have cash flow systems set up, then they will substitute for the pension. Also, living your present life only for those last years of survival is ridiculous.


The feeling of MOTION in my life is what TURNS ME ON and it's NOT limited to traveling. Need I remind you that I'd already been to over 30 states and 30 countries before you gave up drinking in your late 20s. In my mid 20s after being in Asia for 2+ years I KNEW I wanted nothing to do with aimless wandering as it does NOT give me the HIGH I get when I travel to places and regions I'd dreamed about going since I was a school kid. I'll be taking off again for 4 to 6 months after Chinese New Years 2010 in late January / early Feb. The northern part of Vietnam will be my first stop on the way to Burma where I've always wanted to go and haven't made it yet. Then either Western Nepal via Kathmandu and Muktinat, Mustang over to Ladakh and Leh then I will need to decide turning south along the western coast of India or north the southern Silk Road via northern Pakistan( depending on the situation ). But since you have requested votes I vote Brazilian beaches with lots of "eye candy" scenery where average people are in good shape like yourself and you can kick back and give your back a long rest.

What a wonderful idea to have people vote on your next destination. It is always so difficult to decide - I want to go EVERYWHERE! I am enjoying reading through your older entries (I found your blog through that old Forbes piece with the top 10 travel blogs), and look forward to reading about your future adventures.

I am off to Bhutan on Sunday, and I think blogging will be a challenge on this trip. We are not taking laptops on this trip, and getting my husband to stop in an internet cafe is like pulling teeth. Hopefully, I can throw at least a couple posts onto my travel blog (http://kara-bay.com). It looks like I will be mostly confined to writing in my journal, then transcribing it when I get home in two weeks.