Which country do you want me to visit

Which country do you want me to visit?
Readers of this Travel Journal can now vote for where they want me to go. I have visited 85 countries, traveled for 11-12 years; it is now your turn to decide.

Which country do you want me to visit?
Which countries have I already visited?

Vote today and send me somewhere… your chance to tell me where to go. This is real, this is not a joke, and I can go anywhere and do anything, you choose the country.

Relax about this new page, this is a work in progress, designed by Boy Genius in India, and it will evolve. I find making new Internet pages fun, I am putting this up today because I know how this works. Techies for some reason make things work better after they go live, so today it goes live. Hehehe (Techies or coders are an enigma.)

We can add features you request, so ideas are wanted.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 25, 2009

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This is fun, and is meant to be fun; I am willing to allow readers to decide my fate. I love to travel, choosing countries has become increasing complicated for me, although I care a little, I do not care a lot. I do not have big dreams anymore, I have already went to my dream countries. However, I know many of my readers do have dreams, therefore from now on will allow readers to send me to their dream countries?

Problems to Solve
Money is the big problem, I think I earn enough.
Visas can be almost a stopper, but as best I know, there are ways.
Danger is fun and manageable; there is no country that is out of bounds.

I have been to Iraq, so you know I am up for this game.

Have fun with this and explain your vote with comments. This is going to work is something like this, when the correct number of votes have been made, we will choose the top 10 countries. Readers will then vote again, and then we will close votes after a reasonable time and number of votes.

We never know how these projects will fly, however I am 100 percent committed to this idea. I can continue to travel, continue a path and when the readers complete the vote, I go.

Too much fun, and a great adventure, we can share this adventure.

Which country do you want me to visit?