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Where am I in Kenya

2009-04-13 21:44:35

Where am I in Kenya
Take a look at this map, somebody drew lines on it separating the countries, however they forgot to show where the Tribes live. Imagine a map without roads; you would not be able to travel around in the country. I think we say we go to Kenya to learn about Kenya, then we leave off all the names of the Tribes and label all the place where we can see Elephants, I guess Elephants are more important than people.

Kericho, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 13, 2009

Country borders, state lines, country lines, provinces, departments, districts and words become lines placed on maps to allow governments to know where their right to tax the people ends and another group begins. Or maybe one group says, you get all the farm land, and we get the area along the lake for fishing.

People do not live together in harmony, ethnic rivalry is rampant in the world, and often erupts in violence. Powerful people backed up by armies get together and draw lines on maps; they somehow separate tribes or people of the same ethnic background, forcing cultural diversity to happen when nobody wanted it or even understand why.

I am aware that I cannot begin to understand Kenya until I could look at a map and say,
“The Masai live in this area.”
“This Tribal groups live here and they speak this language.”

I am not pretending to understand all the languages and ethnic groups that live in Kenya, I am just a tourist, I am a visitor.

I have I know, that greed and the lust of power, coupled up with Religions cause the wars on the planet, mainly because they force ethnically different people to live together because of lines on a map.

Where am I in Kenya