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What are the names of cities that sell used book in English abroad?

2011-06-26 07:03:17

In NON- English Speaking countries: I need help, in which cities, in which countries are English Books are sold in great numbers, or maybe an exceptional book exchange?

NOTE: I do not care about NEW books, I can, and would buy them with and read with the Kindle Reader on my computer, I do not have a Kindle.

Please write names of cities, and explanation at:


In my opinion, if you want to know the best places to live offshore, you do not follow the money, you follow the used bookstores in English. Many many many men follow the boom boom girls, and the rest of the Expats living offshore follow the bookstores, they seldom are aware, but used bookstores are great unique identifiers of a good offshore expatriate colony.

Kindle of Mobi Book are great for research reading, paper books are for fun reading, I on average pay 1-3 dollars worldwide for a used book.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Internet 5 times better in Guatemala than in Dominican Republic

You really cannot compare countries, better to compare cities, but the Internet on Lago Atitlan is about a five times better situation for people who want to work on the Internet..

In Sosua, DR, I had a spastic connection, seldom dependable for Skype, then if I was talking, there was a constant problem with the connection being cut because electricity went off and switched to batteries. I tried to buy an Orange USB wireless Modem, for one month, costing $150 USD and the girls were too stupid to sell. I then tried buy a 3 gig transfer USB wireless Modem with Claro and again, the women was not capable of getting to work, and it would have cost 75 dollars.

Here in Pana, I have high-speed, non-breaking connection in the Hotel Posado Don Carlos, and across the street El Amigo has the same.

My Internet Backup System in Guatemala
I can have a Tigo USB Wireless Modem for 200 Q or about 30 USD per month, and have 8 Gigs of transfer, and I use as my backup Internet access. I used the same modem here last year and in Honduras.

The modem then allows me to further cut the price of rooms if I want, I can live cheaper and cheaper. There are two bedroom houses for rent here on Lago Atitlan for 250 USD per month, and would be good for a family. Personally, I like having people around and find living in a Hotel more fun.

Majority of Expats Offshore live in Gated Communities
Hmm, I am sure the majority follow their fears into the compound living away from the locals. In reality, the biggest majority of foreigners living offshore live in gated communities. More or less, for reasons unknown to me, they live inside big fenced in additions with armed guards outside, and seldom leave the compound except to feed. The problem with this, they want to live the same as the USA or Europe and by the time they are done, the cost of living is more than the USA or Europe, they lose the financial cheaper cost of living advantage.

This is a great alternative if you are incredibly famous, you can live anonymously overseas and avoid the hassles of living at home. More or less a country club environment that does not allow the locals to know who you really are.

Travel Tip showing how to use Mosquito Net as Coffee Filter

What the names of cities that sell used book in English abroad?