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What is this BlackBerry Storm

What is this BlackBerry Storm
I have a Hewlett Packard Computer, now I have a BlackBerry Storm, about 13 years ago I had an Apple Newton. I am trying to remember what I called it, I think I called it a PDA, or a Personal Digital Assistant.

I think the BlackBerry is a baby computer, that can make phone calls.

I think we are playing games with names, as best I can understand, they are calling this Blackberry a “Smart Phone,” this confuses me, then what is a Palm Pilot? I am not sure, can a Palm Pilot make a phone call?

I think what we have on our hands is a big fight over operating systems, more or less a remake of the fight between Windows and Apple, however now on baby computers.

Kericho, Kenya
East Africa
Saturday, April 11, 2009

I took this photo using the BlackBerry in the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia airport, this war over operating systems has begun, this should make the Windows versus Apple fight look tame, this fight is an attempt to woo all the customers who carry a cell phone in their pocket.


This BlackBerry Storm is a baby computer, the operating system is BlackBerry and I can download programs. The same as my laptop computer, using Windows Vista, I can also download programs for the BlackBerry computer operating system. Therefore, I guess if I had an Iphone by Apple, I could download programs that are compatible with the Iphone operating system.


This is a big deal, billions of dollars are at stake.


1. BlackBerry
2. Iphone
3. has one

In the end, we need the programs more than we need the operating systems, without the programs the operating systems become also-rans.

There are many programs for the BlackBerry.
There are many programs for the Iphone.
I am sure is doing something.


1. BlackBerry has a system
2. Iphone has a system

I think BlackBerry is close to winning the Global Fight, they have negotiated seamless deals where I am able to enter countries and never talk with anyone, just connect. I think Iphone is having problems on this front, they have not made it a Global system, it is still a great for one country system.

These two operating systems work together with companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, so the cost of Data Transfer is competitive.

I am grateful is in the game, there is a chance we can have some really innovative changes, I am not sure what Microsoft is doing, however they must be playing.

I guess my question is this, which programs are out there now for these small computers, which programs will help my life to be simpler?

On another front, on another brain game, I now know that must somehow create interfaces whereby we can plan along with these three phone systems.

I have download programs for Twitter, Facebook and CNN, and I now am aware, I need to find programs for the small computer in my pocket, I cannot just say, the “BlackBerry Storm” does not work, the BlackBerry is the operating system, I now am searching for the Programs to download.

I want a program that would allow me to import all my contacts into my BlackBerry Contacts, this is the compatability I need as a Traveler, and what about the contacts on Yahoo Mail or, there must be a way to synchronize all the contacts.

How long is a BlackBerry good for, my computer is now only good for about two years, after that, the computer is not advanced enough to deal with the new programs. It is hard to believe I should commit to more than one year to any particular BlackBerry model.

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What is this BlackBerry Storm