What I Look for in a Friend

What I Look for in a Friend
I have an American friend from Kerala, India who I occasionally talk with on Skype.com. I realized why I like in him today. We had a long conversation and I told him was happy to be in Baguio, and out of Manila where every man is a Bar Fine expert.

He said,
“What is a Bar Fine?”

He did not know what a Bar Fine is, wow what a great friend, I am so excited to know one of my better long-term friends did not have a clue.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 24, 2009


With the invention of Skype.com, I can live in a country with men who know everything about Bar Fines and talk to a good friends on a regular basis who do not. I can diversify my friendships in any country thanks to Skype.com.

I do not drink, I do not like to go to Bars, I will stop in, drink a coke, and have a good conversation, however mostly during the day. The Philippines has some the most educated Expats on the planet. However, I try to slow them down, minimize their ability to explain in unlimited detail about the Bar Fines world.

I think I was in Thailand about 10 times before I finally learned what a Bar Fine was; normally everyone around me assumed I understood. I finally got it defined.

You can enter a Bar, and if you want a girl working in the Bar, you can pay the bar to allow here to leave early with you. I am not sure why they call it a fine. I guess I truly do not want to understand or even explain better.

Dan is quick; he looked it up on Wikipedia while I was talking and started to explain.

Bar Fine

Travel can take a nice corn fed Indiana boy and turn him into a jaded person, I am still holding my own thanks to friends like Dan, there is still hope I have some innocence, I truly do not want to be sophisticated…. (I apologize for coming from a good family and Indiana. Hehehe)

Thanks Dan for calling me today on Skype.com and reasserting reality, rebooting my Indiana culture.

A man asked me last night
“Would you like to be back in Indiana shoveling corn from the corn crib?”

I said,
“I was never tempted in Indiana to hit a man person with a shovel, while walking down the street here I am tempted daily.”

He said,
“Good point.”

The art of travel is to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives, the road less traveled.

What I Look for in a Friend