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What I Look for in a Friend

What I Look for in a Friend
I have an American friend from Kerala, India who I occasionally talk with on I realized why I like in him today. We had a long conversation and I told him was happy to be in Baguio, and out of Manila where every man is a Bar Fine expert.

He said,
“What is a Bar Fine?”

He did not know what a Bar Fine is, wow what a great friend, I am so excited to know one of my better long-term friends did not have a clue.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 24, 2009


With the invention of, I can live in a country with men who know everything about Bar Fines and talk to a good friends on a regular basis who do not. I can diversify my friendships in any country thanks to

I do not drink, I do not like to go to Bars, I will stop in, drink a coke, and have a good conversation, however mostly during the day. The Philippines has some the most educated Expats on the planet. However, I try to slow them down, minimize their ability to explain in unlimited detail about the Bar Fines world.

I think I was in Thailand about 10 times before I finally learned what a Bar Fine was; normally everyone around me assumed I understood. I finally got it defined.

You can enter a Bar, and if you want a girl working in the Bar, you can pay the bar to allow here to leave early with you. I am not sure why they call it a fine. I guess I truly do not want to understand or even explain better.

Dan is quick; he looked it up on Wikipedia while I was talking and started to explain.

Bar Fine

Travel can take a nice corn fed Indiana boy and turn him into a jaded person, I am still holding my own thanks to friends like Dan, there is still hope I have some innocence, I truly do not want to be sophisticated…. (I apologize for coming from a good family and Indiana. Hehehe)

Thanks Dan for calling me today on and reasserting reality, rebooting my Indiana culture.

A man asked me last night
“Would you like to be back in Indiana shoveling corn from the corn crib?”

I said,
“I was never tempted in Indiana to hit a man person with a shovel, while walking down the street here I am tempted daily.”

He said,
“Good point.”

The art of travel is to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives, the road less traveled.

What I Look for in a Friend


Really Chuck, what a silly reason to go the mall, and now I understand why LA Cafe is so popular, because there is no Bar Fine.

I know you have many corners Chuck of your mind, and a person who stays in Thailand or the Philippines can does not learn this is truly stupid. Situational awareness is zero for some people.

I try to give peoples a heads up to know what to expect so they do not get angry.

I like LA Cafe, I think it is humorous, there are few places in the world where I am the most popular man in the bar for stupid reasons. I do not like to watch Soap Operas, however I admit, I enjoy observing the true soap operas of the world.

The Philippines is a never ending reality Soap Opera on steroids.

I was just told that men go to the Cebu mall to walk around a few days ago here in Baguio, I thought this was anal. I like malls, I like to people watch.

Which mall do I like?

Well, after Africa I like Robinsons mall because it is very clean.

After relazing for a few weeks, I think I like the Baguio market, there is everything under the planet for sale. People repairing cell phones, people selling vitamins, it is truly an experience to see what the world buys.

Girls, I am a good looking guy surrounded by some really fat ones here in Philippines. I like a good conversation, even from the most corrupt person on the planet. I am not tempted to change, I am a recovering alcoholic of 22 years or more, not sure I forget.

But, I am not tempted to change, I arrogantly like myself way too much to become like the people around me. The biggest failing of travelers is they become like the country they enter.

Jeroen in Thailand always ask
- You just came back from Africa, why do you not have on some Africa clothing?

I went to Africa to visit Africa, not to become African. I come to the Philippines to take the shiny stuff off the top.

Do not get involved in any type of business here.

I believe travel is a Reality Culture show.



Funny, now I am less naive.. aagh, I now know about Spark Nevada.

Love and friendship is simple on the whole planet, however Baguio is part of the whole. I am an American, I am part of the whole, when an American person is doing something bad, I say,
- That is my culture.

Where does everybody learn this stuff? The art of enjoying life is not searching for fun, it is removing the annoyances out of my day, what is left over is normally fun.

Philippines, the best reality soap opera on steroid I know of on planet earth, generalizing about the country.

I was in Mindanao, I was talking to a girl, here boss said, you can date her if you prove you are single. I was laughing, it was the first time in my life and only time in my life a person wanted me to prove I was not married.Hard to understand this level of mistrust, but thanks to the Philippine men, they really make me a good guy.