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What do you want me to do in Haiti

2009-11-15 07:03:25

I am in Haiti, I have adjusted to Haiti … what do you want me to do?

Travel Blogs aspire to be somebody, to be a something, to be more than just one person rambling about his or her vacation. This is a new experiment; readers’ voting to send me to countries is a new theme for Travel Blogs. I can allow readers to choose my country and possible itineraries; this is a new twist of fate.

Travel is one of the most selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed things to do on the planet, we do it alone, and all the decisions are made by me, you do not have any say in the matter, that is until now, I am giving readers the right to tell me what to do, better than normal for a Travel Blog.

I am in Haiti, the first country readers chose for me by popular vote, but I also want to know what readers want that did not vote for Haiti

Two readers made recent comments, one was clear,
Emmy said,
“Hurry up and get kidnapped already !”

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Ayiti - Sunday, November 15, 2009
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I have one reader, who visited Haiti 50 years ago,

Robin wrote: (Edited a little for clarity.)

“Dear Andy,
It seems you have failed to find any of the uninhibited joy that I experienced on that magic island 50 years ago, consequently resorting to a Blog of ations.
At aged 15 I read....

Home keeping youths have ever homely wits,
I rather would entreat thy company to see the wonders of the world abroad
Than, living slugardized at home, wear out thy youth in shapeless idleness

Unfortunately, it now seems I must follow your advice and forget about a return Trip.
How long are you planning to stay? Maybe there is hope on the horizon. Try Jacmel or the Cap.
Best wishes, Robin.”

Notes on readers comments from first poll
(Extremely edited.)

Emmy Die in a fire. or Haiti.

Eva Patterson It would be a greater benefit to all travellers if you went. (and wrote) on Haiti. I'd like to go there too, but would be stronger in my conviction if I knew you'd gone before.

Chris Davis It’s a great country, you can travel cheap by staying away from UN and NGO shit... people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful and so are the girls...

Charlie It seems right now to be an exciting place for Andy. Very few people have traveled to Haiti. It will be interesting to read Andy's reactions to the people and places in Haiti.

Ciara I was born In Haiti. Now is not so bad as before. Go to the mountains it is actually cold at night there and beautiful.

Nancy Jones, Boston Why Not ? You have been to Iraq. How bad could Haiti Be?

Linda I would like to see a real report from there and not one doing charity work or NGO work.

Isaac Scheib A lot of witchcraft and voodooism there and would be interesting to find out what thats like? that site gives some information on it.. a number for a voodoo priest even. If your up for it :p

I think the timing is right to go now....before tourism sets in too heavily and makes visiting unpleasant.

Thank you again for the all the postings. It's one of the few things that keeps my travel lust alive through the many months I'm tied to my regular office job.

Dave I never heard of anyone going to Haiti for fun

My Notes:

1. Kidnap
- This is not likely, unless I go stay in Five Star Hotels.
2. Uninhibited Joy
- I want to know what specifically you experienced Robin.
3. Die in Fire
- I suppose this would make more reader read.
4. Benefit to all travellers.
- I try to give transportation, hotel cost, then access the danger levels, then other travelers could decide whether to go.
5. Cheap by staying away from UN and NGO.
Beaches are beautiful and so are the girls.
- I agree with this advice on staying away from UN or NGO places, which is truthfully the major beaches.
6. Report from person not one doing charity work or NGO work
- Yes, perfect, there are tons of lies told by the UN and NGO so they get support and money.
7. Witchcraft and voodooism.
- I am trying to figure this one out, messing around with religions or politics are dangerous.
8. Before tourism sets in too heavily and makes visiting unpleasant.
- I do not see this happening for at least 20-30 years after 2009, not until the road in and out of Port-au-Prince do not give you a great tour of slums.
9. I never heard of anyone going to Haiti for fun
- This is more or less directed at a person that goes on vacation, not for me a traveler who enjoys being uncomfortable and in challenging locations. Vacations are for relaxation, I went to the Philippines to relax, but I came to Haiti to give me reasons to live, reason to exist and to do my job as a person who writes about travel. On the other hand this is correct, I

What do You Want me to do in Haiti