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Were Slaves Taken Back to Africa After Civil War

I was told the other day,
"After the United States Civil War ended, the U.S. Government paid ships owners to take some of the slaves back to Africa. Instead of taking them back, they just stopped down in the Caribbean Islands and dropped them off."

I wrote a post while in Haiti, saying I can see the faces of West Africa in the faces of the Haiti people, I recognized the look of these people because I traveled for one year in West Africa.
West Africa Slavery

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Friday, March 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Man from Bristol, England
Then, another tourist I met hung his head in shame and said,
"Bristol, the place where I am from in England was one of the locations where many of the slavery ships came from."
I said,
"I am 100 impressed with the city of Bristol, I saw their slave museum, I think it is amazing that a few businesspeople in Bristol could take wood ships and almost conquer the oceans."
"Whether Slavery, Pirates or Privateers, they did a great job."
Moreover, I then added,
"Slavery was a huge business in Africa for 500-1000 years, when it ended, prosperity for the African chiefs ended. These Black Chief were in the business of slavery, they are the ones who suffered the most, not the whites."
And do not feel sorry for the USA Blacks,
"Now days you cannot even talk African Americans in even thinking about visiting Africa, half way going back to live, they seem to be ashamed to be from Africa."

Gossip History
One of my greatest joys is to listen to history of the world as told to me by other tourist or travelers. Truly written documents are considered more important than reality, because a person has written a book, it somehow is the truth.

Very few books are written without an agenda, reality and truth is rewritten in about 90 percent of books to support the cause of the dingaling writing the book. I am nervous when I talk about anything that happened 500 years ago, I was not there, I know everyone is lying, how could I even begin to feel confident, there is always another person with another view that is plausible. However, every day of the week I hear a person tell me facts, I know they do not understand very few facts are truly facts, they are just opinions represented as facts so long, the history books write them down, and forget to check them.

Were Slaves Taken Back to Africa After Civil War


Hello Khalifa, do you know the answer to the question. I think Liberia was a colony of ex-slaves. However, did bad ships drop off ex-slaves in the Caribbean?

I continually interview Black American when I meet them, trying to see if they have any interest in going to Africa. The normal response is something like,
In my experience,there is disportionate amount of White Americans going to Africa. I mean, if the population of the USA is 20 percent Black, then I should be meeting 20 percent Blacks in Africa.

I want the Black Americans, and especially the educated sector to go to Africa, the world needs good role model. Generally, music reaches a country a lot faster than education. I am not sure the music is the best role model or representation of the USA.

Not really important, I am not going to change the world, but when you go next time, ask a lot of your Black friends to go along, and weigh their responses. One persons way of living does not negate a generalization.