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Welcome to Hilton Manhattan East to My Hobo

Hilton Manhattan East signed up on HoboHideOut.com yesterday:

Hotels on HoboHideout.com

Boy Genius generates a daily report of new members to travelers community. Today, as scanned down my list of new e-mails, I read.
"Hilton Manhattan East," has activated their account.

I always am both proud, and laughing in a funny way, because Hobo is good enough for the Hilton, I just wish we could explain the inherent value to every small Mom and Pop Hotel so the site was more balanced on prices.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


First Adopters Theory
Eric, one of the most intelligent readers, and a person who often makes comments wrote me e-mail explaining first adopters. I had never truly focused on the concept of first adopters. Generally, there are people who join quickly, or buy into new trends, so in a way Hilton is a first adopter because we only have 1900 Hotels, and I am predicting 25,000,000 when fully populated.

Nonetheless, fun stuff, and I want to thank Hilton Manhattan East for putting a smile on my face.

Members of HoboTraveler.com are members of HoboHideOut.com and vice versus, or that it how all it meant to evolve.

Welcome to Hilton Manhattan East to My Hobo

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