Website Monetization Strategies January 2010

Dear Friends of,

I need to make 100,000 US Dollars per year, I am making about 40-50,000.

I think I need to explain what is happening in my life, it is not simple, but I will give it a try. I find myself angry and frustrated; there are many small nagging situations that are driving me crazy.

1. Constant pain in back and leg.
2. The web sites are ugly.
3. People criticizing me bothers me.

I need to earn 100,000 per year to solve these problems, I am going to do this, but I need to make some hard decisions and changes.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, January 25, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Make Enough Money to Travel
I love to travel; I enjoy the constant rush of meeting new cultures. I have said many times, the only reason I make web sites is to make money to travel. I now earn enough money to travel, I am a lucky man. My first goal has been accomplished, however want the three major problems interfere with my ability to be happy.

Take Sites to Next Level
I apologize to long-term friends like Wade, Craig or other fellow Bloggers who would die to be earning 40-50,000 Dollars per year from their site. Even richer sites have problem, you will arrive here and have the same headaches.

I am at a turning point in the business, I will to take the sites to the next level of monetization. They will stop being a homemade site, and become full-fledge businesses, no allowing of unprofessional aspects to exist.

I need this extra amount of earning to pay for the Blogging, I have refused to become like other travel Blogger who feed readers hokey story of this and that, I always tell you what is really needed and possible. I truly despise a lot of the Travel Industry, how they make money is deceptive, I truly do not like to associate with people who work in the travel business.

I want to stay pure, to be proud of my writing, to know that even when I get harsh comments on the Blog, that the commenter is the idiot, not me, I told the truth. I was true to myself; this is and always will be my way of writing.

The New Stupid Reader
The internet enables a small and stupid person to feel powerful. Some simpleton readers, who come, make mean comments, then leave are simple and stupid; this is the new reader on the internet. They cannot read, they at best just skim articles, then feel they are smart enough to tell a person who has perpetually traveled for 12 years he is stupid. I have other travel writers tell me about travel, this is annoying, and they look at my webpage, and make a decision on my travel skills. Like there is some correlation between travel skills and the ability to write or make web sites. Truly, the new reader must be fed pretty photos or they make stupid decisions.

The most experienced and capable travelers do not have web sites, the true professional travelers seldom are in the view of the public.

Solution to the New Generation of Stupid
I must make the pretty photos the first impression, and my writing has to be second. I know my regular readers do not care, they just want to read. Truly, this new generation of stupid internet readers needs to be force fed photos, glossy pages, and clever words or they have contempt before consideration.

Give them the Pretty Packaging
I must spend about six months working to make this site better than other sites on the internet, I have the money, and I need to spend the time.

Sadly, and this is so anti-intellectual, I must now even give the most intelligent reader what they want to see, or they will not give the site the proper respect.

Three Major Decisions

1. Make the Sites a WOW.
- This will stop the criticism and stop the ugly site problem.

2. Manufacture Backpacks in Guatemala.
This will monetize the site in an honest way, and I can travel to places like Haiti where other writers refuse to go, because they are scared and cannot sell tours.

3. Travel Less, work more.
I will stay in longer in Hotels with internet access, so we can get the work above completed.

When I am finished with the next six months of work, I will have an honest product that I believe in, that I can push and sell without any ethical problems. If you notice, I do not sell tours, gear or other crap I do not believe in, normally writers push expensive products so they make big money. I will push a book a like, small gear, but nothing that makes enough money to buy a plane ticket.

I have been studying other travel web pages now for the last six months. These sites promote and sell, recommend, review and say things I consider lies and unethical. I must get this backpack into production, so I can compete with these dingaling travel sites.

Honest writing requires I make money, I must find ways of making money by advertisers and products that I believe are great values for readers. It is extremely difficult to find honest ways to monetize this site; I am surrounded by scammers who want to take advantage of the silly nature of tourist.

In addition, for all you idiots who think this post has nothing to do with travel, go F##k yourselves. Get your head out of your Arse, it take money to travel to places like Haiti. I go where other travelers and writers refuse to go, it takes money to travel. I have been to Iraq, Haiti, and Africa five times; I do not go to Europe so I can sell you stupid over-priced tours.

Website Monetization Strategies January 2010