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Webmasters Think Collect Write Type

I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger with a friend in England; he wants to start a webpage. I said, it works if you can:

Think Write Type

It was one of them gut level, off the top of my head clear comments.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Monday, December 21, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I added the word collect, what a webmaster should do… is collect a lot of amorphous data, think about it, organize it, write about it, and the kicker.

You need to type, with 10-12 fingers if you have them and make one page per thought, do not clutter up the internet world with many convoluted ideas on one page. Funny part, everyone works hard on being clever, making pretty faces at people, and truly does not understand the basics. The fountain of never-ending money on the internet is called “interaction.”

Note, it is not called Twitter or Facebook, which is just promotion.

Webmasters Think Collect Write Type


I am not sure contacts can apply much to a traveler. I have friends because of my website, however I have more friends I just meet traveling.

Making money on a website is not the least bit dependent upon having contacts, anyone can do it. A person only needs to work. 99 percent of webmasters a wanting fame, this makes them not work in an honest and deliberate manner.

Fame sells advertising, work makes a site, contacts can teach you. Find people who you are 100 percent sure are making money to follow. 99 percent are lying when the say they are making money.

I wish I had the contacts now to get 1 million dollars in Venture Capital to invest. I know how to make money now, I can use the money wisely. When I first started I was clueless. The dot com failures happen because people invest before anyone proves he or she can make money.

It is almost impossible to write content, you need free content because of interaction.