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We do not Understand Racism

2009-10-13 19:00:36

We do not Understand Racism
Only one belief is needed for a person to be racist, this when we believe our societal group is smarter, therefore superior, subsequently having the right to tell other groups what to do.

All of us are members or a race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age group, marital status, disability, sexual orientation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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As a perpetual world traveler for over 11 year and having visited 85 countries feeling superior is easy to do, it becomes a habit. It is easy to sit around here in the Philippines with all the “White People,” and not associate with Filipino people. We all agree, we all have the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” we are not the same as them. We talk as if, we think as if, are actions prove it, we take only the best of the culture.

The silly premise is that,
“I have more money, therefore I am smarter.”

Racism is not only color, it has nuances, grey areas, and a sense of superiority waddle and commingles spreads our supreme attitudes of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age group, marital status, disability, sexual orientation.

I feel I am socially responsible to tell you what I believe, I am 100 percent positive I do not have the right to enforce you to listen or obey. Even when I have the power to enforce you to obey, I think about it, I ask myself, am I about to enforce some “Universal Truism.” or am I just being selfish.

I enforced a young Filipino man to stand in line and take his turn when I wrote this post.Standing in Line

What gave me the right? However, more important, what gave him the right to walk in front of me? If I allowed it, I am agreeing to his bundle of rights.

As an American I am treated as an elite person in the underdeveloped countries, while Europe treats me as if I am a peasant, somehow my culture is less than their culture. That I need to listen, somehow they have the right to tell me what to do.

I talk down to people, I talk up to people, I give them power or I take their power. There are two stakeholders in a racist situation, the person who feels they are superior and the person who feels they are inferior. The two sides is needed for racism to function and survive in our world.

Racism will end when people who feel inferior know they are not, it in todays world has less to do with me feeling superior, when they know they are not inferior, they will be equal. They will not allow me to dominate their beliefs.

I am always sad when an Asian brown girl puts on whitening cream, why do they give the power to white skin? Skin Whitening Creams

I am especially frustrated when my own group, the people of the USA somehow, for some crazy reason believes the way of life in Europe is better than America. That for some reason we need to apologize for being American. Have you ever heard a European apologize for being European?
Nevertheless, they want me to apologize for being American whereby they know I accede my powers to them.

George Orwell wrote a book in 1945 called “Animal Farm.” whereby:
"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Freedom of the Speech is not a one-way street; I also have the Freedom to not listen. Somehow, the Political Correct world now believes we must listen to idiots, when I know they are an idiot, when I feel there are idiots, when I listen, the idiot is me.

We do not Understand Racism