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Water Removal is Healthy

"Don’t drink the water," this is the mantra of tourist. Here is a Travel Tip to help you minimize health problems caused by polluted water.

Drying your dishes after cleaning is as important as cleaning, therefore I have taken to hanging my dishes and toothbrush on my clothesline. Water Removal is needed for good health.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Friday, March 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of


"Hot water from the tap is the eighth wonder of the world."
- Andy Graham of

This healthy benefits of hot water the citizens of the USA take for granted is generally not available on the planet. The minute you see people drinking bottled water, you can almost assume they do not wash dishes in hot water.

Drying dishes in the sun, this photo was taken near Kilgoris, Kenya outside the home of a Maasai family.

Sunlight can replace Hot Water
Maybe this is called ultraviolet disinfection, if you want to kill off the nasty germs, bacteria’s, microbes, amoebas, worms, parasite, and other nasty words, use the sun. Water Removal is the solution; you must remove all the water by completely drying dishes.

This is my friend Grace a girl who is part of the Maasai tribe or ethnic group who live near Kilgoris, Kenya a village just north of the Masai Mara.

I believe Graces was apologetic and felt a little social shame as I took the photo of her walking back from the dish rack. In reality, I was incredibly impressed at the intelligence of this method of drying dishes. I know the value of the sun, and the power of direct sunlight to sanitize my world. Funny, tourist generally have it backwards, the primitive people are doing what is needed for good health, while tourist restaurants pretend to be modern at the expense of their clients.

I recommend you take a healthy tour, by walking into the kitchen of a tourist restaurant and search for hot water. You will realize, water removal is not a priority.

Water Removal is Healthy