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Water Fountain in Thailand

2009-07-06 19:08:41

Water Fountain in Thailand
Is the water safe to drink in Thailand, the developed world is paranoid about drinking the water. My answer for Thailand is no do not drink the water, my answer for Ethiopia is yes unless obvious problems.
Manila, Philippines
Malate Area
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Thailand has finally made the Water Fountains work in their Airport that is impossible to pronounce or spell. It is rare to find a water fountain in any country outside the USA, it is more or less a USA phenomenon

The underdeveloped countries strive to be developed, in my opinion one of the world’s misguided goals. Thailand has a highly developed shopping center, highway system, electric system and one of the worst water and sewer systems on the planet.

Generally, most countries can clean the water and if you sample the water at the Water Tower or Water Plant, you would find safe water. The problem is the distance from the water plant to the housing, along this path the water becomes contaminated.

I enjoy this postulation, I enjoy observing water, and I even more than this, I enjoy the inability of the populace, sometimes called the “Rabble,” by Rene Descartes to make decisions in an environment that changes.

Water is analogous to crime, there are good neighborhoods and there are bad, you need to pay attention. If you are gathering water from the source, it should be cleaner than water pumped through miles of water lines.

Do not drink the water; it is the only safe decision that will protect you in a world that is not all the same. It is a little misguided to say,
“The Water in the USA is safe to drink.”

I am 100 percent sure there are places where it is not.

However, safe is a funny word, I have drank the water in 85 countries and I have not died.

I enjoy the perception game Thailand plays in the Airport; they install water fountains, set up complicated purification systems inside the airport and give the perception that Thailand has clean water.

Water Fountain in Thailand