Walk and Talk Travel Tip

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Why do you stop and talk with people? I stop walking, in respect for the person who spoke to me.

My advice, wave a hand, nod a head, but do not stop walking until you have accessed the situation and know you should. It is my habit, it is probably your habit, but it is not wise to stop walking.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Wednesday, November 18, 2009
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Many people call out “Blanc,” more or less “Hey White Man,” here in Haiti. I continue to walk. I say hello, I nod my head, but seldom do I stop. I stop when I want to, not because they want me to.

People generally give up talking when the person does not stop. In many countries, the goal of the hawkers, the hustlers and the drunks is to make you pause. This is their opening, they will get up out of their chair when you stop. Just keep walking, do not react, keep them in their chair.

Situational awareness is needed, and that characteristic which separates the men from the boys. How to be macho, how to in control of your emotions, is this possible to learn?

Walk and Talk Travel Tip

“Hello sexy man. I go with you ”?

That get's me to stop every time. I mean how many could be lying to me in one night ?