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Waiting for the Help of God

Waiting for the Help of God
I am sitting here in a religious paradox, surrounded representations of God, however I think he took the first bus out of here.

As a person travels through Ethiopia, there are constant reminders of God, Mosques, Churches; many people have small Christian crosses around their necks. I wake in the morning at 5:30 am to the Islamic prayer call, it is impossible to ignore. However, with all these symbols of God, I feel nothing holy and spiritual about Ethiopia.

Moyale, Ethiopia
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

The world seems to scream out,
“Help me, help me.”
People sit and wait for God to change their life, and nothing in their life changes. There are sitting here waiting to be pulled to safety, they all are ready and waiting, however God has yet to come and save them, and I doubt he has any plans now or in the future to do so.

They are waiting for God to do all the work, like it is a one man show.

Everyone and everything is trying to tell me to be a good person here, however few are being a good people here. A good person does not need a cross around his or her neck to be a good person; there is the need for action, to do the right thing, to do good.

Telling others to be good and believe in God is not a holy act, it is vanity.

Yesterday, two boys were playing Ping Pong of all things here in Ethiopia, a common game to be seen played along the side of the road. One of the balls came flying over close to where I was walking, I left the path and picked up the ball and gave it a toss back to the boys.

A person looked at me as if to say,
“Why are you helping them?”
I looked at him,
“You just do not get it do you?”

I think the road to salvation is only for those who are willing to help themselves. The people who are waiting for God to come and save them are lost, the ones that understand that picking up the ping pong ball is God’s work have a chance.

Waiting for the Help of God