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Vilnius Lithuania Settled in Hostel

2005-07-06 06:40:00

I hope I spelled that right.

I am in Vilnius, Lithuania and settle in some Hostel, that does not seem very convenient however has a great kitchen with a wooden spatula, and a TV with only Lithuania channels. Pretty empty right now, however they say I have to leave in two day because it is fully booked.

I was trying to go to Kaunas, and the buses do not run to Bauskas, I understand why people only go to the big cities in Europe, it is very difficult to enter the smaller ones and leave on any schedule.

Ok, so I went to the bus station by 7:00
They said the first bus was at 3.30 or something.
I tried to thumb, no ride, so finally and old lady flagged down a bus to Vilnius or Minsk, Belarua. I followed her lead luckily.

Riga is a great and comfortable city, very convenient, the feel of Vilinius so far is very spread out and dead, however I have seen some stunning blond girls.

The farm land between Bauskas and Vilnius is extremely flat, almost perfect for farming, I am not sure about the cold or the water, however this appears perfect. There is strange thing along the road....

Farming in Undies
I noticed two guys on the way to Riga out in the vegetables in what looked like their underwear or maybe swim shorts.

Now on the way from Bauskas, to Vilnius I seen two girl in underwear and bras out in the vegetables working. Now this time I know my eye were not making jokes, the one girl had a thong on and pulled up high.

I tried my best to capture a photo, for sure I need a van.

So I am in Vilnius for a couple of day, I have paid the Hostel and as for now, I leave in two days as I do not believe I can be bothered to move. The city looks wonderfully ancient and majestically medieval, however I think the Hostel is empty and boring.

The name of the Hostel is Filaretai Youth Hostel, has a great facility and for sure could be fun with people, however she says I need to leave in two days.