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Vigilante Force in Cite Soleil Haiti

Cite Soleil, Haiti vigilantes grabbed a thief, and a mob of people took him to the Police Station. I was lucky the other day; I was able to make a video when a special cultural moment happened here in Haiti. I have seen this in Africa, I was happy to see it in Haiti.

A mob of Haitian people took a thief to this police station, located in the center or Cite Soleil. I am told before it was a police station, it was the home of rich person who received money by kidnapping people, this was his business.

Theft or crime can have serious consequences in various countries on the planet. The locals will hunt down the person and kill them, this person was lucky; they took the person to the police station. My friend Chris wrote me from Panajachel, Guatemala a couple of weeks ago, saying something to the extent; the locals found a thief, tied him up and burned him.

I witness them chasing down a thief in West Africa, it makes me very happy to see this.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Wednesday, December 30, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I was walking just about behind that truck, used for public transportation, called a TapTap. I started to record a video, whereby I could walk along this very clean stretch of highway, showing the foods sold. Then just as I turned on the camera, I change video to this one below.


If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

In the developed world, we have become like fat steers, in the pen, ready to be slaughtered. We are soft, weak, and believe the responsibility for our safety is the police. While in many countries, the local people know they are responsible. Who is responsible, this is easy, both the locals and the police, they are meant to be a team.

When a person from Haiti walks up and says,
“Give me money,”
I examine the person, feel his or her arms, give a good gaze up and down their body, then I say,

There are people who cannot take care of themselves, the mentally ill, the crippled, and the old. Sometimes people have malnutrition and are not aware of why, everyone around them only ate five foods, why did their baby die.

If you have read along with me for years, you know I harp on the need for retirement plans; this would slow the number of babies being born. Presently in many countries, every family needs to have many babies, in the hope that one takes care of the mother and father when they are old, it is self-preservation. I also talk about traffic; cars create many crippled or handicapped people.

Malnutrition is more difficult, they need to change 1000’s of years of habits, their parent ate this way, therefore they eat this way, and it is handed down.

What is the big problem in Haiti, they are sitting around waiting for the Whites to come back, the same as Africa, ever since colonization ended, the same story, but different.

What do I know today, I am responsible for me, you, my family, and my world. The world is not responsible for me.

Vigilante Force in Cite Soleil Haiti