Vigan Philippines Spanish Architecture

2009-08-07 17:10:08

Vigan Philippines Spanish Architecture
Here are Photos of the Vigan Philippines Spanish Colonial Architecture. Vigan, Philippines is a UNESCO site; there is 800 plus places on the world where the United Nations or some governmental organization are trying to save, pretty much stop people from destroying their own heritage.

UNESCO Vigan, Philippines

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, August 8, 2009
Vigan Hotel

Vigan is nice city of around 50,000, small enough to relax and avoid the confusion of the Philippines. We stayed in the Vigan Hotel and paid 495 for two people in a fan room, shared shower, toilet with WIFI in our room. Room 106 is great for internet, it was the only reasonably price room in Vigan with Internet in the room in Vigan City. The Playa de Oro Hotel on the ocean was a disaster zone, 1100 for a room, truly crap on a platter.

Grandpa’s place is also good for a Hotel, but their internet in the lobby was not working when we entered, the cheapest room was 650 and no window. I think the people who manage the Vigan Hotel are happier, friendlier, and do not want to bend us over for money, truly a typical Philippines style, the place is old, feels like an Antique shop.

Paul a friend of ours from Baguio, said
“We did not find anything resembling a deal in Pagudpud.”

This is a good way of looking at the Philippines, is there something that resembles a deal. The Vigan Hotel was the best deal for our money, the place I did not feel regret when paying.
Vigan Hotel Truly, the Vigan Hotel is the only Backpacker priced hotel, however you can get some dorm rooms cheap, but who wants to live in a dorm in Asia, I reserve this crap for overpriced Europe.


Cemetery Entrance

If you truly want to survey all these building, you must go to the Tourist Information offices to the right of Jollibee’s. It has no good markings, but if you can find it, there are four people working inside to help you. There is a map of the city and they appear to have all the time in the world to help you.

There is also an Ilosco Sur or whatnot tourist office next to the Max Restaurant, easy to find, it says tourist information it.

If you want to be true blood tourist, go to these offices first. The city is confusing, and they only label the best building. There are tons of old buildings with no information on them.

If you get on Wikipedia this would help.

Vigan City on

I had a Thai Girlfriend in Tow, if you have a Philippine girl in tow this to me is the perfect city. Asian do not go to Mexico, to South America, truly even the Filipino people know little about Spanish culture.

I could talk for hours about Buddhist and Catholics, not of much interest to me; I lived in South America for five years.

The English sucks in Vigan, truly difficult to find a person who speaks English, go straight to the tourist office, there are two of them and snag the maps.

The city market is cool, hard to find, if you said Partas Bus stop, they would take you to the large city market, with Frogs, Cabbages and every type of strange person possible in one spot.

Vigan Philippines Spanish Architecture

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