Video on Making a Camping Bread Toaster

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I wanted toasted bread; I made a toaster using tin cans. Normally I hold bread over the flame, with this system I invented I do not burn my fingers.

Kitchen in the 285 Dollar per month Apartment on Sosua, Beach --- Dominican Republic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I enjoy making these travel tips videos. I would love to record one video daily; however, it is difficult to find a person to help make the video.

Video on Making a Camping Bread Toaster


How about, "Andy the Hobo Traveler's MacGyver tips for better travel." as a title within your website to reference your video travel tips. :)


I would make 100's of Videos, one per day if I could figure out a way. One of the reason I gave up my anonymous nature was to do Tips. The camera needs to move close, far, etc, needs to follow me around.

Generally the average person I meet is not capable of recording a video properly, my friend upstairs was smart, so I got two videos made before he left.

I would love to have a pro come and help for a month.

Page Turner

Mom Some things never change Andy. You were giving us tips and trying to find different ways to do things when you were a wee boy and the only difference is that now it is big boy ideas and your dad and I enjoyed this one. I remember once when you dug a trench, made a wood foundation and poured a cement sidewalk to your treehouse when you were 5 years old. When you were about 28 you said you would pour a cement basketball court for your dad and proceeded to tell your brother in laws the best way to do it that it would last and by golly it is still there.


One major problem, the interior of cans have a plastic coating that contains BPA. The coating is OK for pasteurization temps (140F) but breaks down at higher temperatures. BPA is a hormone imitator that can cause cancer and birth defects. You are poisoning yourself using this method and you have just invited others to do the same.

Way to go Andy.