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Video of Cape Coast Slave Fort in Ghana

2011-01-15 20:59:11

This video came out good, I am rather proud of myself. While on the Cape Coast Slave Fort Tour, I took about 10 separate recording, I pieced them all together and it came out great.

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you want to look at the still photos, if you start at this link, than keep clicking on newer, you will slowly see all the Cape Coast Slave Fort Photos.
Slave Fort

Here is a second video, showing the Cape Coast Slave Fort or Castle from the beach as I was walking towards it.

I Record More Videos than I Blog About
We are now including a link to the new videos with the main email people receive daily. With the Verizon Global E-mail and the Tether.com connection to my computer, I now have such a great Mobile Office 24/7 internet connection, that I can upload videos almost daily.

Vides are maybe the easiest of all "Internet" shows to create, there is not much skill or brains involved, and is a great business model. What I mean is this, a less than average technology savvy person can upload videos to Youtube.com of travel, then send out a Blog post of sort that notifies readers. If they do it correct, they could get 100’s of thousands of subscribers. This is more feasible with the new USB Wireless Modems and the prevalence of WIFI in the more western countries. For sure, Africa is difficult, but most of the popular countries are easy.

I am proposing for people to make Cliché Videos and have Cliché subscribers, there is a huge Facebook group that can be tapped into, or the Twitter crowd. Gary at: http://everything-everywhere.com/ is the expert at promoting pretty photos, and cliché travel information; he is great at feeding the tourist industry with what they want. Not my bag, but 99 percent of people want to put on some rose colored glasses, promote a fairy tale, dream world of romantic travel.

Spin out on Facebook.com
Spin out on Twitter.com
And create a big group of readers who want a monkey on a chain to perform, this is good business model, and a good "Just-Make-Money" model of living.

My Model
I look at the internet as a newspaper, there is the Sports Section, the Business, the Horoscope and the comics, and there are the want ads. A web site can be everything to everyone, we are now attempting with our new content management system to isolate readers into compartments. If for example, you only want to read my "Mobile Office" Blog post, you can subscribe to just the mobile office RSS feed.

Readers come in on a one topic, one level mentality, they are after only what they after, and they could care less about the whole. They search for something, if they get a good taste of their specific interest, they will bookmark, follow, RSS feed the one-topic and continue to read.

Facebook.com is about promoting a face, this is true brilliance, there is nothing more captivating to the human spirit than allowing a person to talk about himself or herself and show a photo. Facebook.com is the Dale Carnegie, Win Friends and Influence People book on steroids internet web site.

This tapping into self-interest, readers are not generalist, they read only about specific topic, the world is not full of people curious about anything and everything, quite the opposite. A good soap opera is what the world is about.

This is a map from Lome, Togo to Kpalime, Togo, I will go there today.

I go to Kpalime, Togo Today
I have been trying to hide, and it has not gone well, therefore, I am going to take a small vacation until Wednesday and visit my favorite city in Togo, Kpalime. I have many friends in Ho, Ghana, one of these days I will try to cross the border between Kpalime, and Ho.

I like Kpalime, because of a few reasons, the Auvergne Mandela is cheap enough to feel like I am getting a good value, and pleasant, off the main road with a front porch area to watch people pass. There are always some interesting characters or women hanging around in front, so if I am bored, I can walk out and talk, then return to my room.

This is akin to the "Travelers Huddle," in a few Hostels and Hotels on the planet; you can always just walk out and have instant conversation. I think many people do with bars, however bars have slowly over time became more boring to me, especially outside the USA. The Galion Hotel here in Lome is a good belly-up-to-the-bar "Bar" but it is not easy to sit around shooting the bull for me in French, and many of the men are truly old and ancient.

A good Hotel has common areas with people, if the area does not have people who settle looking for a conversation, and then maybe it is not a "Common Area." There is nothing in common for people to do, therefore they do not come and comment.

Truly, a nutty Hotel that advertises, "Home away from Home and it does not have a common area that is free. At least free from some sense of purchase, the Hotel world love to have Bars and Restaurants, and has yet to realize, a great Hotel is a good place for weary travelers to spark up small conversations.

Ghana Extracted Two Bribes from Cynthia
She was required to pay 6000 CFA at the first police stop after the immigration, maybe about 10 miles in, and then another 4000 CFA at the second. When I talked to her on the telephone, she said everyone in the van had to pay a bribe.

This is a direct Border-to-Border van run, using a Ford vehicle, this is situation has all the ingredients for a bribe.

1. A group of people that speak French, not the Anglophone world.
2. The people in the van are not interesting in Ghana, and will not stay in Ghana and cause a problem for the police. They left Togo, and are just crossing, going to Cote d’Ivoire.
3. Predictable, the Ghana police knows this is a regular van trip, they can even work with the Van company and make it happen, share the money.
4. On a long trip, trying to make good time, probably need to be at the next destination. Cynthia is going to University on Monday.
5. They all paid a big fee for the trip, about 7000 CFA and do not just want to get out and lose the money.
6. The group of people in the van has more money than normal people because they are international travelers.
7. There are no foreigners on the bus, no White people to talk.

I was on the same Van, but coming from Cote d’Ivoire to Togo and we waited for two hours while the immigration police extracted a bribe from three people, this is real, this is not just me ranting. The consensus is that Ghana is a good country, to me, the place reeks of problems, and it is the brother of Nigeria.

Anglophone / Francophone
The Anglophone world is nuts, they try to transfer some form of good karma to countries that are easy for English, there is nothing of value about Speaking English, except I can speak easier, it is not a reason to say a country is better. There is a lot of crap that comes out of the Anglophone countries in Africa, a lot more than the Francophone in a way.

I have pages on HoboTraveler.com where people who have been scammed can submit, the one for Ghana is pounded with submissions.
Ghana Scams

The majority of the people being scammed are love victims, the hope of love will make a man or women pay.

Cynthia is Not Naturally Photogenic
I have about 20-30 photos of Cynthia, I took about 20 in a row on the beach with just normal clothing. She broke down enough for me to get a good photo test. Beach photos are easy to take, the color and the sun is always optimal, not a difficult place to accidentally take a good photo. I took many photos, and not one caught her beauty. She grimaces, and becomes just another girl from Africa.

It is a shame, she truly one of the more beautiful girls, it is hard to capture the way a person walks, or their idle expressions. Her stance, with the normal African bubble butt was perfect, great shape for legs.

I will ponder this photography thing, and try to understand and learn if there is a way to take an average smile and turn it into a great smile, at least one that is good in photos.

Facebook Photo Business
I am not going to do it, but there is a business to be done of taking photos of babes in West Africa, you are not going to get rich, but you can probably earn 10 dollars to pay one days budget cost. Truly an annoying business because you have to take maybe 50-100 photos, then allow the person to view all them, then teach a person who is more vain than intelligent to upload the photos to Facebook.

However, for a Traveler, all this is needed is one days rent, one day of reprieve, one day when the world cannot say, come back home, you have no money.

Video of Cape Coast Slave Fort in Ghana

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