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Verizon Phone Call in Haiti on HTC Smartphone

I just called Boy Genius my internet page coder in India on my HTC Touch Pro II, which has the Verizon Global Email package that works in 200 plus countries. Why, what is this all about? I am a business, something needed to be done, today, now, not tomorrow.

We sold an advertising package; Boy Genius in India needs to write code. I want this code working by January 4 when the money hits the account Before I called, I was sitting on the HTC Touch Pro II, chatting using a chat program called Fring. I was using the one price per month, Verizon Global Data Internet part of the system. I was at my wits end, I tried to reword my “coding terms” needs into many techie phrases, and I just could not chat-explain whereby a techie could understand me.

Boy Genius did not understand, intuitively being on the same pages is not easy between Genius coders and humans. I gave up, time to pay to call, whatever the cost, we need to get this finalized, I needed to talk. I made the phone call. is a business, I am always searching for new available business solutions. However, it is a business, trying to decide if the solution is cost effective is also important, is it worth the money to make the expensive call from Haiti to India.

YES, today I am 100 percent sure.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Thursday, December 31, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I give up, I called him, this HTC has great sound quality, it is better than the BlackBerry Storm, which makes calling more tempting. Boy Genius speaks India English, it is very good, but on a bad connection, it becomes difficult to understand him, the conversation was clear and great.

If you are paying an employee 100 dollars per day, surely one call is worth keeping this employee working. Internet coders are stopped by one question, by being able to chat 24 hours per day, anywhere, anytime, I can answer his --- work stopping questions ---, making him more productive, making more money, which allows me to go to expensive countries and tell you the truth.

India is Different Time Zone
People will say, I would just go to the Internet Café and use Skype. I did this yesterday, I went to the internet café that opens up at 8:00 am, at 8:30, and it was closed. I went to the other one by the Champs du Mar here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, it also was closed. I went back the closed one at about 1:30 pm, it was open, but there was no electricity. Even if there were electricity, I would hope that Boy Genius was sleeping, it become a test of my perseverance.

Yesterday was medium priority, today it became high priority to deal with this business situation, to make things happen.

Redundant Business Solutions
The first system is the normal internet café, I also have open Quad Band Cell phone with a local SIM card, using the Haiti Digecel phone system. The Verizon Data Email System with the HTC Touch Pro II is my backup; it is the second level of command, but often takes first place.

I do not want do business without the Verizon Global Data system, to be able to chat 24 hours per day with Boy Genius, the ability travel seamless between different time zones; to keep a continuous stream of communication open is worth a fortune to a business.

Remember That Party Daughter of Yours
As I said before, if I had a daughter, she would have this Verizon Data Connection in her little party animal hands. I would want her to know, I am always with her, wherever she roams.

I write my reports offline, I post 95 percent of my writing using the Verizon Global Data Email connection here in Haiti. More dependable than the Cyber Cafes, or Electricity.

Christmas, New Years, Electricity, Internet Cafes, there are too many excuses to not work, nice to remove a few.

Verizon Phone Call in Haiti on HTC Smartphone