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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Kenya

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Kenya
I am in business in Kenya, Africa.

I am the owner of an “internet business,” my name is Andy Graham, I have a world famous daily Travel Journal. I am in Kenya, East Africa right now and I have one primary goal, to allow readers to see what I see in real time. To allow readers to travel with me on my never-ending perpetual journey around this small planet called Earth. I have been doing this for 11 years; this is not my first day on the job.

While in Kenya, I have used the “Verizon BlackBerry Storm” 100 percent of the time to send my daily post.

Yes, I could talk for hours about what is wrong this tool, however as the owner of an internet-based business, I can honestly say,
“The Verizon BlackBerry Strom keeps me in business in Kenya, Africa.”

Verizon asked me to review the BlackBerry Storm, and I have to say this Data Service that allows me to have unlimited internet access connect me to the world, it is great.

Nanyuki, Kenya
East Africa
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am tired of technology. I am annoyed with computers. I have IT workers, I sometime think they are crazy, and of course, they think I am crazy, why would I fight against technology.

Do this, do that, it is easy, aagh, people have told me for years a computer will make my life easier, and however I spend hours, weeks and months learning how to use these tools of business.

What is my job, in a nutshell; I walk around, take a few photos, return to my room, open my computer and write a story about the photos. Upon completion, I connect to the internet and publish the story.

“I walk around, take a few photos, return to my room, open my computer and write a story about the photos.”

“I connect to the internet and publish the story.”

Imagine you have an important meeting; you make this great PowerPoint presentation on your computer, complete with links to internet pages. You worked all night on this preparing for this meeting, you are ready, and you pack up your computer and leave for the meeting when you arrive…

There is no internet.
There is no electricity.
They are not open, the meeting has been moved.
All the workers are out to lunch.

This is my daily global internet experience, this is what happens daily., walking into an Internet Café in Kenya is like playing the lottery, I have a one in five chance it is working.

The Verizon Data Service gives me access the internet using a company called Safaricom here in Kenya. This service is not perfect, it also has gone down for about eight hours while I was in Moyale, Kenya, however the great part, I did not need to walk to the internet café to check, I just turned on the BlackBerry checked the signal. Tantamount to checking to see if you have a cell phone signal, I can also check to see if I have a data signal. I am saving hours of frustration, I am able to enjoy my travels more, and search for internet access less, what a windfall.

I am in an under-developed country, however by dealing with Safaricom direct; I am doing business with the best of the best in Kenya, Africa, not the local yokels.

They have arranged deals in 200 countries that allows me unlimited access. Although the service did not work in Ethiopia, it should work in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Today my plans have changed, I am going to roam around the world in the Verizon list of 200 countries, and wait for the others to come on board.

Note, that I still use my computer, however upon completion, I take out a cable, connect the BlackBerry to my computer, transfer the photos and a Microsoft Word document to the Blackberry, the proceed to publish the information.

This is not simple, however if you are reading, then you must realize it is possible.

It is 6:07 AM here in Nanyuki, Kenya, I am connected 24/7, life is good.

Thanks Verizon, I am in Business in Kenya, Africa.

I am still visiting the internet café, trying to upload videos to, however now the whole experience is more enjoyable, more of a want, and less of a need.

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Kenya


Now theres a useful review! I was thinking of getting one of these at the end of May when my current contract expires. Of course, I will be tied into a UK contract not this global roaming thing... but since I am tied to the UK for most of the next 12 months, thats not a problem.



Data is unlimited on the $64.99 Global Email Monthly Access Plan.

The $20 per MB you are talking about the Pay Per Use Plan.

Users have a choice to select between the two.

You are not forced to select the Pay Per Use Plan.


Hello First, I hope you have the global data plan.

Second there is a signal button, on this link is a an example, you need to switch to manual and try all possible configurations.

Hope this works.


I do not know if they sell BlackBerry in Kenya, this post was only about the Verizon Data plan and using a BlackBerry from the USA.

Maybe best to search for Safaricom in Kenya on