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Using Travel Dolls as Models Photo Travel Tip

Solo travelers can spice up their cliché photos of tropical sunsets by taking small dolls, or personal items and putting in the photo. Couples can avoid future arguments by using Travel Dolls as models in photos.

There is a Raggedy Andy and Ann Dolls sitting in the drink container of the beach table in Sosua, Dominican Republic. (The chair guy was a pain, he wanted me to pay for the chairs, I took this photo in a hurry, truly a tourist trap here.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I cannot remember exactly, but one of my sisters gave me these two dolls with a Christmas card, I have been carrying them inside my camera backpack ever since I left the USA. These dolls are too small; I truly need about 8-10 inch dolls with the ability to be sitting up, or in more positions. They need to seen easily in the photo to function properly.

This is rather boring photo, normally people spice them up by putting themselves in the photo. This is random, not consistent and truly vain, but it is personal, often too personal. Although the dolls will not be able to take your photo, they are a lot cheaper to maintain than traveling with a person.

People have trouble framing photos, this photo is truly bad, but if I has more time and put the Dolls into the photo, it livens up another cliché photo.

This girl was talking too much as I walked down to the Sosua, Dominican Republic beach, she appeared happy. I wanted to take a photo for this Travel Tip, she was talking, engaging, so I handed her the Dolls. The Sosua Girls are an exceptionally hard lot, they want money for everything, and she suddenly wanted money. I think when a Sosua girl talks to you; you can just assume you need to say,
“How much?”

Travel Dolls Identifies the Photographer
This women was helpful, these dolls allow the eyes of viewers to have something to do, and shows continuity of experiences. You can take photos of your dolls in front of the Eiffel Tower, or at the Egyptian Pyramids, and show that you went there, sort of proof of who took the photo.

Traveler Idiosyncrasy
I will be making Dolls that can be tied, maybe hung on the outside of the Windmill Traveler Bag. This is a traveler idiosyncrasy, and I have seen many travelers use different items, one couple took photos of their boots at many tourist attractions. Personally, I cannot work up enough energy to put myself in photos on a regular basis; I more or less only do so when necessary to make a point.

Choosing Your Doll
1. Able to sit up
2. Able to be cleaned.
3. 8-10 Inches high is probably the optimal size.
4. Do not bring your favorite doll your grandmother gave you as a keepsake.
5. You need to pack these dolls in your day bag, the size of the doll is important.
6. It would be better to be a stuffed one, something that does not break easy.

I Hate My Boyfriend Problem
Many travelers take photos of their girlfriends or boyfriends, I tend to discourage this, the majority of girlfriend, boyfriend relationships end. But the photo you put on the internet go on forever, this will be a never-ending source of anger, these type of Travel Dolls are better for Travelers.

If anyone gets a wild hair and want to make a prototype of a Hobo stuffed doll, I would really appreciate it.

Here is one of the “Hook Comment” questions….

How many of you have your photo up on the internet with a boyfriend or girlfriend you despise?

These Travel Dolls is a wise travelers alternative to using your --- temporary --- mate. A wise traveler, writer and photographer needs to understand, photos are today, tomorrow and all the yesterdays, it is not good form.

Using Travel Dolls as Models Photo Travel Tip