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Using OPM to Live First Class in Caribbean

I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and again and again I realize that smart Hobos can use "Others Peoples Money" to travel first class. It is incredibly how easy it is to enjoy all the benefits of paradise and not pay full price.

The business people buy full price air tickets, so I can buy a highly discounted ticket to fill up the last few seats in the planet.

The tourists buy retirement homes with the idea of renting them when they are gone, however because it is low season they must rent at greatly reduced prices.

OPM, the other person is paying money, and I live with all the benefits, but I never need to pay the piper.

The HDI or Human Development Index is fun, look I am in a country one step above China. Now, the HDI is heavy on protection of women and minorities such as homosexuals, there are some built in biases that are not truly quality of life issues, but moral issues. I tend to believe living conditions are better in DR because the population density is less.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Thursday, May 5, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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Johnny the Pilot comes Today
My friend Johnny the private jet pilot arrives today, this is good, I am getting bored and Johnny always makes me laugh.

I return to many locations, but normally for the friends, it has little to do with the travel destination, more to do with the people I met on a prior visit.

Already Running out of Things to Photograph
I am already running out of things to photograph in Sosua, there are only so many pictures of the ocean to take before I get bored. On the other hand, I am thinking about using the 20X zoom canon camera in a few strategic locations to show good photos of the stereotypical Dominican Republic girls.

There is a rampant boom boom girl crowd here, and there are men searching every page on the Internet trying to figure out what the Sosua women look like here. It is rather funny to me the obsessive nature of men on the planet, and what they do in their cubicle when the boss is not watching.

Using OPM to Live First Class in Caribbean