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My present location is Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the USA. I took a carro publico from Montellano, Dominican Republic to Sosua for 30 Pesos. Sat around and talked with Johnny for awhile, then caught the Caribe Tour bus for 170 Pesos to Santiago. I then paid 400 Pesos for a private taxi to the Santiago Airport.

At 2:00 am on March 28, 2012, Wednesday we flew with Delta to New York City, then I transited and flew with Delta to Detroit, Michigan. I then flew to Fort Wayne, Indiana with Delta landing on 2:00 PM. My friend Mike picked me up at the Airport.

I called my parents the next day and surprised them by telling the I was in Fort Wayne. They live in Orland, Indiana about 50 miles North of Fort Wayne.

There is no public transportation to Orland, the last 50 miles to my home town is the most difficult to arrange travel I make on the planet. This 50 miles is a constant headache for me, it is in some ways incredible.

I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana living in the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
LaSalle Bed and Breakfast

Today is April 3, 2012, Tuesday.

Andy Lee Graham of

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