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USA Embassy Thought I was Dead in Haiti

I met my friend Mathew from Port au Prince, Haiti a few days ago, he was happy to know I was alive.

Mathew is a painter here in Sosua, or maybe a "Jack of all Touts," a street trader that has anything you want to buy available.

The last time he seen me I was in a Hotel called the Executif about two block from the Palace, I was in Haiti for two months prior to the Earthquake, and for some ironic reason left five days before the earthquake and came to Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Mathew did not know I left Haiti, therefore thought I died in the building above.

When I think of Haiti, I think of this sweet girl, she was my neighbor while I lived in Port au Prince, I took maybe 20 photos of this beautiful child. Truthfully, I would love to be working in Haiti right now, I love the place in comparison to the Dominican Republic, one is sweet, the other has modern conveniences. There is nothing more dehumanizing than charity, there is nothing more destructive to the human spirit than to remove the pride of a person by giving un-needed help. A poor person does not need help, they need a job, giving them money or food removes their pride, and it is not reparable. Once a person receives something for nothing, they are an addict, they cannot stop themselves from going back to the well.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Mathew told me the USA government sent people into the rubble of the Executive Hotel to try to find my body. I think and think about this, and all I care about is this little girl, and here mother and grandmother that sold me cold water daily.

This is Lonnie, the manager of the Hotel, Mathew tells me he is dead, I know the truth, Mathew has no idea, but gave me an answer. It is a difficult thing living in other countries, the world is a natural born liar, I long for Indiana where I seldom heard a lie. Why do so many people lie to me, I seldom heard a lie in Haiti, I hear bullshit continuously here from the foreigners and locals, hard to hear an honest word.

Haiti was an honest place to me, poor, and happy, simple lives, why did my friend need to be in a place that died. I do not want to think about this, Mathew wants me to travel with him to Port au Prince in a few weeks. I would like to go, but what am I to do, the country was expensive for a white man before the Earthquake, I am sure the charities have turned the place into a welfare nation, removed their pride and turned them into 24/7 beggar touts.

Charities normally live in Five Star Hotels, and pay explosive prices, they over-inflate local economies and destroy any chance of budge travel.

This is my Haiti, cute, small, simple people looking at me with curiosity. Truthfully writing this I hate my readers, I hate my friends, I got a lecture yesterday from Ana, she told me how bad the Haiti people are, she is without mercy, she is without care.

How can people that read believe have such bad opinions of something they have never visited. I spent over two months in Haiti, it is a wonderful place, yes dirty, but a honest and happy person that is dirty is better than a clean dishonest person in a nice house.

I think it all comes done to this, bad people cannot see good in people, they only can see the surface, if the color of their skin is wrong, they are bad. I do not trust people with nice cars and nice houses, yes, many are great, but most are soul-less, I think of Haiti with a soul, and think of a Sosua as a cleaner, soul-less place full of prostitutes, while the foreigner love it here, I am here to work, I see it as what it is, debauchery I action. The world loves anything to do with breaking the 10 Commandments and will run from a good place, then talk bad.

I would go back to Haiti, but the expense is more than I can afford, I would be horrified to see how charities have come and sucked out donations from good people, the biggest business on the planet, NGO’s.

I know the world, they do not care about Haiti, only from a distance, only if it sounds to others like they are good person. If you made it down here, read the last line, it is possible you care, just realize this, 99 percent of the people just do not care, this is the world. It is our job, the one percent to our best to stop celebrating clever, and restore a place in the world for honesty. A clever person is celebrated, while an Honest person is considered a fool, this is not my dream for this small planet, every day I try to keep myself out of the slop, mud, and slime of humanity,

I never knew I was poor until someone told me.

USA Embassy Thought I was Dead in Haiti