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USA Checklist being Completed

2003-07-02 01:27:00

The last week or so before I leave a continent and make a dramatic change is always a series of checklist. Both mental and real. I am constantly rummaging through my head, trying to make sure that I do not forget anything that is absolutely necessary. When I returned home from Asia. South America, or Europe, it was the same.

When I visit the USA, I come to buy and accumulate supplies. The USA is the most convenient country in the world. I can buy anything I really want quickly and efficiently. I can make unlimited phone calls until I find what I want, than go purchase the item. In another country I must walk around until I find the item. It can cost a fortune in other countries to make local telephone calls, because most have measure service. So each call cost money.

I am almost ready. I am thinking only about items that are extremely difficult to purchase in another country.

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