Untie Yourself

2009-09-28 20:01:36

Untie Yourself
My life is vibrant, I am alive, my brain operates at full capacity, I am aware of who I am, I love being me, I can feel the vibration of life.

“Deleted comments are embarrassing.”
Comment from Wade of VagabondJourney.com in a telephone call.

I have been asking myself why ever since we talked on the phone? I am supposed to become embarrassed…?

I called up Wade in the USA, the writer of VagabondJourney.com who is presently in the USA working to save up enough money to take off traveling again. He wrote a spectacular story explaining about my new feature on this travel journal whereby readers can read deleted comments. If you do not realize, I moderate all comments, I delete about 1 in 10, often more, sometime seldom, and it changes by country and audience.

Now you can read deleted comments, they are rude, mean, meant to provoke me and lead me astray and off topic. Note, sometimes it works, I had to delete my own comments today, they were inciting a riot.

Funny, raucous and annoying stuff, full of profanity, name calling and generally people trying to me to lower my self-esteem. I must keep in a password protected area, the comments are not for prime time, be warned, the world is not in love with me.

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Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


I will sometime say
“Plan your escape.”

I am sure one of you feels trapped in a life you did not choose, it just happened, the only solution is to escape, there is no diplomatic way to leave.

When I was age 21-23, I would go to a Bar called the Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University a place where I spent six years of my life supporting the beer industry. There was a band called
“Duke Tomato and the All Star Frogs.” I think he now calls the group, Duke Tomato and the Power Trio, nonetheless, he sang a song that would make the mother of any college student cringe called
“Tie You Up.”
There was a lyric, that went something like,
“You bring the dope, I’ll bring the rope.”

Now, I was warned a couple of weeks ago,
“Do not play with people fantasies.”

I have been wondering for years, why would a person want to be tied up. There would be a whole bar full of people scream the lyrics.
“I’m going to tie you up.”
“I’m going to tie you up.”
“I’m going to tie you up.”
I was taking the morning shower; this comment by Wade has set up housekeeping in my brain and has now decided to play ping-pong.
“Deleted comments are embarrassing.”
Comment from Wade of VagabondJourney.com in a telephone call.

The deleted comments are fun, angry people, frustrated people who are in want to control me. It is amazing how many people want me to stop thinking, talking and writing.

Money - I like Green
I put the deleted comments up for one reason, I like money, I can make money, and I know my normal writing is boring in compared to these mean spirited deleted or stupid comments. They truly are like gossip, one comment can spin, another person adds spin and the next thing you know, there is a big argument.

What does a song about tying people up and embarrassing comments have in common? They are both talking about losing control and allowing another person to be in control.

The buzzword a few years ago was to “think out of the box.” I have been saying for years now, “get out of the box.” Truly know you are tied up in the office, at work, the machine has you under their control. When the work machine does not have you under control, you tie yourself up trying to live up to a delusional belief of who you are.

Travel Writers are amazing, 99 percent lies and 1 percent honestly, they try to hide the real world from the readers.

I have zero desire to tie somebody up, I have zero desire to be tied up, but I am guessing, some of you want would like to be out of control, to go crazy, to be somebody else.

I was searching for one of my favorite songs by the Duke, called “Choice Tattoo.” I never found it, there was lyric that better describes me, “I am looking for a girl with a choice tattoo.”

However, what happens if you allowed somebody to tie you up? The bottom line, you would be out of control.

I am not embarrassed by the deleted comments. I stopped a long time ago pretending I was perfect. What makes people angry is that I refused to be tied up, I am uncontrollable.

Where is that girl with the Choice Tattoo?


If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

The bargain is this, if you really knew me, if you really knew what I was thinking about you would not like me. Everyone says they do not care, but the truth is, they spend the whole time hiding, they do not want to be embarrassed.

I sometime meet some truly hurt people, I will say,
“You can be loved by me, and I can be loved by you.”
Please tell this to me,
They often cannot, it is too painful.

Hey stupid, get out of the box, it is your turn to tie people up.

Untie Yourself

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