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Universal Adapters for 2 Dollars

Universal Adapters for 2 Dollars
Travel Tip Video showing how to make a Universal Electrical Plug Adapter that will work in any country for 2-6 US Dollars.

If you plug your computer into electrical socket of your hotel and it falls out, you need this travel tip.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.



If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

Common Problem with Expensive Ones
This is what happens also, you purchase the 25-50 Dollars made to do electrical adapter, you forget one piece, lose one piece, or it breaks while you are overseas and the whole things become worthless. What can you do, you are now in Africa and the is just not there to help you, here is your solution.

Note, in most countries you can just explain to the person in the hardware and they will make this device free. The first world becomes more of a first world I-do-not-want-to-get-involved problem; however, the other 85 percent of the planet will glad help.

Universal Adapters for 2 Dollars


Video showing how plugs burn up.


A great common-sense tip there Andy.

I truely believe that the UK plug is the safest in the world, they never seem to get loose, you always have a ground option for your big metal items like a fridge etc. HOWEVER, it is also the worst plug in the world for travel, and any items I want to travel with I have a different power chord for. It is cheaper and easier and lighter than carrying a UK-rest of world adapter if I just buy alternative cables with a 2-pin connection, they will work everywhere in Europe, and anywhere else I go I can use your trick!

Have a look at this:

I truely hope they mass-market this and license it to everyone! this would make travel within the UK so much better.


Ash that is a good idea, the British Plus is one of the safest on the planet, but it huge, so this small plug is good idea.

The video link that works:


Why do you seem my photos now? I am not too sure, I think it is becoming too difficult to keep the photos or videos out of the pages.

1. I have maybe 50-100 tips I want to write that requires a model. I keep thinking I will talk people into helping me, but it never happens. After years of travel, I give up, I am not going to find models to record videos, the only person I can find is me. I need to be in videos travel tips to explain, I am the only one who understand.

2. Trust, when I started writing newsletters 11 years ago, people trusted me, they did not second guess, we did not have trolls who tried to harass people. The world knows how to make anonymous comments, how to be jerks, they do not trust the Internet and I know they are right. I do not trust anyone on the Internet, I know that 99 percent of Travel Writers are 100 percent liars, they say what the audience wants to hear, they get kickbacks from tour companies, they have one goal to screw the audience into believing they are a good person.

Well, I know I am good person, I know my face, my eyes, my demeanor, my whole body language makes people feel safe.

I guess, I think I should put my face where my mouth is in a way, I do not have any secrets, I just do not like to be famous.

I know how to hide now, I know how to leave out information, add information, and just how famous is... I am famous to a few Bloggers, but I am not famous to the people in the Hotel.

4. Danger
Weighing the danger, If I am doing something that makes people angry, then you will probably see my photo less. There is real time problem, not a long-term problem. Photos weeks ago are not easy for people to find. I also do not make the photos so easy to find from a Search Engine point of view.

5. Turn on and Turning off Photos.
I know the gates, now that we do our own Blog system, not or Wordpress I can can control thing 100 times better. I can make it so all photos are change at the same time, I can edit post better, I have more control of when the photos are shown. I could if I want delay the post for 7 days when needed so it is not real time.

I never cared if people know me, I just do not want crazy people walking up to me and shaking my hand, asking 10,000 questions and talking about me like I am an object. They introduce me to all their friends,
"This is Andy, he is a famous Travel Blogger."
Incredibly hard to stop these people, they want to associate themselves with me an are truly annoying. I think they believe that by telling one person I write it will make me big money. Telling 10,000 is big money.

6. Press Releases and Retirement
I want the big money, I mean 10,000 dollars per month money so I can go to Antarctica and Vanuatu, South Pacific, etc.

Offline press is better than Internet Press, I must give photos to the Newspapers who want to write human interest stories. They just need the photos, so am I going to give the press photos of me, but not my readers, this is unfair.

I have weighed the danger for years, there are few people on the planet smart enough to truly cause me true dangerous problems. Most are just trolls, they want to make me angry, I am more worried about me attacking them, then getting attacked by them.

I have always known, I can make 10 times the money if I had my photos on the Blog, it just allows people to connect. Body language is a 90 percent of talk, people are forgetting how to read, the only relate to videos. The world changes, I suppose I must change.