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Uniqueness of the Human Spirit

The good Gods gave me a gift; I try not to squander it. They have allowed me to wander the planet aimlessly, whereby I see small daily glimpses of the human spirit.

Can you see the Human Spirit?
Atakpame, Togo - West Africa

This gift has a proviso, I must wander, I cannot lead, I must not try to control my life.
I do not understand how this works, I just know it does, and if I obey, I will be given daily opportunities on this aimless path.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 8, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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This girl walked down the path by my Hotel in Natingou, Benin. I felt a rush, a sudden compulsion, I needed to stop her. I took this photo and asked her name, as best I could tell, I may never know clearly, she is from the Dandi or Dindi Ethic group in Benin she spoke a little French. This is my day, my life, this is one of the small views I was able to capture for you. Moreover, it made me happy, I took for unknown reasons the 1 in 10,000 photo to share with you. See the human spirit spitting itself at the camera, trust me, this photo was nothing compared to the real visceral rush I experienced.

1 in 10,000 Photo

I feel an obligation to stop and observe these opportunities, and again, I do not know why, normally I am enmeshed in confusion, and I am trying to see, pushing the chaos to the side.

Sometimes friends and family ask, are you ok, I have to remind them to keep the faith, that in the end, we are all walking down the right path. I believe we all have a little voice talking to us, when we obey we are in Heaven, and Hell is the emotional turmoil, the monkey on our back created when we disagree. I suspect it is possible, who can be sure, but maybe one day I will stand in front of one the good Gods and he will say,
“Hmm, I see you obeyed that little voice more, than you disagreed.”

Ergo, my only responsibility in life is to wake up and be a good boy taking the next good step. I know my life is good, and I will have this life less normal. Again, it is all about some leap of faith, sort of the Fear and Trembling Søren Kierkegaard tried to explain in another explanation of little voices.

A person asked me the other day,
“Why do you travel perpetually?”
I tried to explain,
“I do not know.”

I just get small pieces of a bigger pie, I can only talk about my piece given to me today, I am not sure tomorrow, hopefully the piece is bigger. I know this path has little to do with Tourist, little to with the fascination with deserted Islands and beautiful sunsets. And it has everything to do with looking into the eyes of other people trying to find the uniqueness of the Human Spirit in all of us.

I wonder why I am not given a better camera, I guess perfection is part of imperfection, it is the struggle that is perfect.

Uniqueness of the Human Spirit

Page Turner

Mom, I love the content of your blogg and the full length picture. I never had the privilege of seeing that picture. Good to know that you understand the ultimate thing in life. God is Always in Control and when we listen All will be well in the end. Who knows by reading your blogg perhaps there may be people who learn from this blogg and trust their heart.


Awwwww! {{{{Mom}}}, I'm sending you a hug because you are so nice!!