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Unemployment 2009

Unemployment 2009
9-10 percent unemployment in the USA, every tenth person is not working, is this true? I have been told for years this is the standard unemployment rate in France, Spain and Germany.

I want to know, has there been a reduction in beer drinking or increase?

Unemployment Statistics

Thammasat University
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Thailand, Southeast Asia
Thursday, July 2, 2009


If the amount of beer drank on Planet Earth has decreases, I will feel confident the world economy is in trouble. In my life experience, I have slowly realized most problems are more psychological than tragic.

I have visited 85 countries, I have traveled the planet for perpetually for over 11 years, I have never seen a person starve to death. I have never seen a person close to starving to death. I have read about this for years, I will testify and witness it is hard to find.

Unemployment 2009


Hmm West Africa is full of fat Africans.I have been to 16 countries in Africa, which included Niger and Mali some champs of HDI.

50 percent of women in West Africa are overweight. I call them the cows in the Peugot Station Wagons.

Trop, pas ce bon, cest gros
Hmm the French is slipping.

I personally think you did not understand, probably gave money. Hehehe
Andy going to the Philippines where money and food problems are worst than Africa.


There are photos on my site of babies dying of malnutrition in Niger. This is not starvation,caused by mono cropping and 1000s of years of culture, religion and abuse.

The was not starving, the refused tc grow a diverse crop of food.

All of Africa is under the resource curse. The do no stickpile anything. One bad crop and some starve. Truly explains Darwins theories or proves.