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Uncceptable Email Address for Any Reason

I have known for a long time, I cringe when someone gives me an, Excite, Comcast, Verizon or a University Email. When I see these emails, I think to myself, these people do not understand the internet; they do not do business international, they are out of the loop. You want an email you never need to change, I recommend Yahoo or Gmail, maybe Hotmail, all the other are just headaches.

My nephew Bobbie gave me his Indiana University email, it worked from Haiti, but will it work from Guatemala, I never know. I see emails now to my other Nephew Brandon is bouncing on Comcast, it become hopeless. These Nephew have had 10 email addresses in 10 years, it is just silly. The often do not bounce, they just do not get them, they go to nowhere,

A person cannot know a negative, it never existed, I have to try repeatedly, and then I finally call to check, Hello, this is Andy in Haiti, why don’t you return emails, oh, you never got it, let me test why I am on the phone…. Blah blah blah.

These companies are blocking whole countries, they say, we will stop those Nigerian Scammers, we will just block them, our customers will be happy.

I sometimes say, just forget it, when someone gives me an email address from a huge international company, or for some reason the USA government.

There IT departments are clever to the level of being idiots. These companies are too clever, in their zest to stop Spam, they have stopped business emails, and they force the telephone to be primary form of communication in a global world. As Bill Gates understands, email is asynchronous; it does not require us to work on the same time zone.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Monday, December 28, 2009
By Andy Graham of
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I think to myself, what is the point, the block so many email IP address’s, why would I want to write them.

Yes, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo get more spam, but they do allow you to receive your email.

There are times when too many rules, is dysfunctional, the business are a certain point just fails to functions. The resistance is to high, people cannot be bothered to do business.

Just think, the USA government is going to make more rules to get on an Airplane, there is a point here where we must accept, there are risks in life, we cannot make so many rules, exceptions, and we have enough security for airplanes. They want to exclude humans from the equations, it is easy to see, this new bomber was a risk, they do not need a machine, and they need to use their brains.

Unacceptable Email Address for Any Reason