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Ultrasound in Philippines for 12 Dollars

Ultrasound in Philippines for 12 Dollars
Yesterday, Doctor Rana at the Lorma Medical Center in San Fernando did an ultrasound of the lump in my back for 12 U.S. Dollars.

There are two ultrasound graphics here, Doctor Rana had a very difficult time getting the mass to show up in the ultrasound he was moving it around for a long time. He needed to keep finding it with his fingers, then trying again, this baby is small.

His report says,


Superficial sonogram of the left lower lumbar region, show no definite solid or cystic nodule nor calcifications. The skin is not thickened. The underlying musculo-fascial structures appear intact.


Unremarkable study

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, September 18, 2009
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This the close up of the area that we feel is causing me pain, his comment to me while in the office getting the ultrasound was,
“You lift heavy?”

His English was horrible, but I asked specific questions.

Do I have a cyst?

Is this nerves?
We cannot see nerves.

Is this muscles?

I am reasonable confident today that I injured an oblique muscle while doing 200 twists with bottles of water in my hands eight months ago. These muscles formed some type of fibrosis mass that simulates or appears the same as cyst or nodule. A muscle bundle is there and has been continually inflamed and re-injured for the last eight months. Although it is gradually repairing itself, and the pain is slowly subsiding, it will take another six months to one year to stop hurting.

When I lift my two 25-30 pound backpacks, use any form of twisting motion as I walk, as the packs swing from side to side. These actions put too much force on the oblique muscles and re-injure.

Solution, I must not lift or twist while carrying heavy objects, more or less I need wheels for my backpacks.

I also have a loose hip joint, I need to do many type of exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint.

I also have sciatica, or maybe Priformis Syndrome, I must do many type of stretches and exercise.

Bottom line, I must not lift too much, I must lose weight, exercise and stretch and life will go on.

I will go to more doctors along the path, I will keep reviewing this problem, it is 90 percent an educational problem, I need to learn how what variable cause problems and which variable solve the problems.

Note, none of the Doctors here recommended an ultrasound, I had to tell them I wanted one. The MRI shows this area, however the techs did not print the plates to this area. I found the proper plates yesterday.

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To watch many videos showing stretches and exercises for Sciatica, lower back pain, shooting pain or Piriformis Syndrome, please look at this link where I am collecting information videos and information:

Ultrasound in Philippines for 12 Dollars


I am normally either walking around Robinson Mall, talking with Bjorn at Malate Pension or trying to talk him into letting me pay for a cup of coffee at the Mall. I do stop and get a ice coffee at the convenience stores, i forgot the name. I stop in a place called Juries or Jury or something, the place with big cow in front.