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Uganda Restaurant Serves Peas

Uganda Restaurant Serves Peas
I ate my first serving of peas served in a restaurant in 11 years of travel.

I am often surrounded by markets full of fresh fruits and vegetables with no way to prepare them to eat. I have been eating in Restaurants and living in Hotels for over 11 years, and one thing I have learned.
“Restaurants are not healthy.”

The problem is this, they tend to focus on the main dishes and normally skip the vegetables and fruits. I normally can get a piece of chicken and potatoes or rice with no problem.

Yes, you can eat a tomato, cucumber or onion rather easy, however to have peas, string beans, or lima beans become difficult. I personally do not like tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was able to eat a huge bowl of freshly cooked peas in the Flockline Hotel while in Kabale, Uganda. This was a treat for me, I buy cans of peas when possible and cook them, in the country of Uganda a can of peas cost 3000-4000 Shillings or about 1.50-2.00 US Dollars.

It roughly cost me 750 Shillings to eat the equivalent of 4500 Shillings of peas from a can. I gorged myself, this was a happy day for me, to find and eat a vegetable I enjoy.

This is a Uganda Buffet, the second I have seen in Uganda, a person at this Buffet would pay for only the dishes they ate. It also was in ingenious way of bypassing the problem of no electricity in the hotel, all the food trays had some type of fuel burning below.

Uganda Restaurant Serves Peas


I eat many canned vegetables I cook. I eat few in restauranrts.

The problem with cooking is smells. Hotels do not want me to cool, they want me to eat in restaurant.

I should devise a way to cook with alcohol on windy days. I use it inside, outside it does not work good.